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We only accept current and former founding members (perhaps in between projects) of online based startups that strive for early revenue over funding, while trying to maintain a sane lifestyle. Whether you identify as an Indie Hacker, solopreneur, bootstrapper, self funded startup founder, lifestyle business founder, passive income etc.

This is a community to keep each other motivated, and learn from each other's experiences. We have a good mix of doers-- not perpetual-planners, or idea-people.

For more info on this outlook/process and how it differs from traditional startups:



http://paulgraham.com/ds.html (https://basecamp.com/books/calm)


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Vancouver Indie Hacker March Meetup


Vancouver Indie Hackers Open Space

Devhub and Lighthouse Labs

OUTDOOR Indie Hacker Meetup

At the Concession Stand at Sunset Beach

Meet new IH members for Canada Day week!

Malone's Bar and Grill Downtown

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