Friday Language Exchange !!

Vancouver Language Club !
Vancouver Language Club !
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Joyeaux Café & Restaurant

551 Howe St · Vancouver, BC

How to find us

Just ask the waiters about our Meetup and they will tell you where we are inside the cafe !

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Hello to everyone,

Our weekly Language Exchange is all about :

1. Meeting new people and making friends in Vancouver (For eg. International students, ESL students, local Canadians etc).
2. A time for fun socialization!

Come and join us for a fun evening & conversation with people you meet here.

Every week, we get an average of 27 people in this meetup and this is gradually growing more and more . So , it's a great chance for you to meet new people .

The main organizer for this event is our friend Tatsuo .

Key Notices :

1. If you are coming , please RSVP to "going". (Once you have RSVP to “going”, please make sure you come to the event. Else, change it to "not going" .)

2. Our reservation is protected ! We have limited spots for this meetup .But I would request you to bring your friends as well !!

Other notices :
1. The price for this event is only $2 .

You might see "Unpaid" in your name in the attendee list after you RSVP to "going" . Please just ignore that ! That is for online payment which we don't use so. I will collect $2 directly in the cafe :) !

**Questions generally asked **

This is my first time in this Meetup. What should I do and what happens here ?
- Welcome ! Many people who come are here for the first time .You just have to join our table and start talking to anyone you meet here. It's really an open, easy and positive atmosphere for you to make new friends.

Do I have to come exactly on time ?
- No. But if you come late, it will be a little bit harder for you to join the conversation thread with other people & you might sometimes not get seats (it has happened in the past that few people had to return back because there were too many people that day). So, I would recommend you to come as early as possible.

How to pay the $2 fee ?
- Please bring $2 (cash only) with you and I will collect it in the cafe. We don't use any kind of online & credit card/debit card payments. I will collect the fee exactly at 4:30 pm.

How to find us in the cafe ?
- All the waiters in the cafe know about our Meetup. So just ask any one of the waiters about our Meetup when you come there and they will tell where we are inside the cafe . All the staffs in this cafe are very friendly.

***Please buy something from the cafe and then join us . It is to maintain our reservation for future events***