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Having a baby is hard work, and it seems that everywhere we look there are pictures, adverts and news articles that show us what our "postpartum" body and life should look, and feel like. Often, the difference between the perception and the reality is huge, leaving many of us struggling with our new lives and bodies. This is made all the more challenging by the slow disappearance of the "village"; we lack community to talk us through these changes, and that can make us feel like we are doing it alone.

This group is the beginning of that "village" - its aim is to create a safe circle where we can open up about our postpartum struggles in whatever form they come in; to help hold each up, and help each other out, as we navigate this ever changing world of motherhood.

This is a group that is open to any mother: from brand new mothers, to mothers of 18 year olds, and beyond! There are so many unique struggles for each year (emotional and physical).

Let's be there to listen, open up, and help each other out.

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