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Do you find it tough to meet people because you are so busy with your professional life?
If you do then this is the meet up for you.
Come meet other like minded professional who want to connect with people in the city for business and for pleasure.

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FREE CLASS: [WEEKEND EDITION] Learn to Connect with Anyone in Vancouver

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to meet people in this city? Maybe you are new to Vancouver, or maybe you have been here for years and all of your friends moved away or got married and now you are stuck watching netflix instead of living your life! Whatever the reason fo the situation, it's gotta change. Vancouver is such a great town but it can be socially awkward here... This event is all about helping you get more social and put yourself out there in a way that makes people excited to see you again. We are going to discuss how to make the most of the fall here since people are about to go back into their "condo caves" for hibernation soon. There are a few simple shifts your need to make and you could be connecting with all sorts of people everyday EFFORTLESSLY! The fact is, humans are social creatures and we need to feel connected to a larger group. But social networking doesn't do the job... we need real world relationships to feel fulfilled in a deep way. At this workshop you will not only learn some really cool stuff around evolutionary psychology and how to use it to finally have the kind of friendships and more that you have always wanted but also you will meet like minded people who are also on this wavelength, the kind of people who are sick of sitting around watching time pass, the kind of people who want to build a tribe! These events are some of the most highly rated events in the city, you don't want to miss this one!

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