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This group is open to anyone interested in modern sales, modern selling strategies and sales training. A place where senior sales professionals share their sales knowledge with other sales professionals. All skill levels are welcome.

Learn the sales strategies used at companies like Telus, Hootsuite, Canpages, and Kijiji that helped generate over $500 million.

As a Senior VP Sales Professional, I've learned that potential customers are not going to wait for you in this fast-paced world. Device technology, the internet, and social media platforms are only going to increase in popularity, and become faster and easier for people to make buying decisions, that said the internet and sales software has also made it easier for salespeople to sell.

In today’s world, consumers approach the purchase journey from a different path, which means as salespeople we need modern sales strategies and processes that match today's buying behavior.

Do you want to generate dependable and repeatable sales results?

Get the 👥 Sales Training 👥 Sales Coaching and 👥 Sales Management solutions you need.

⭐ The Best Modern Sales Training Course:

Modern Sales Process Courses

✔ How to use a Modern Sales Process and Why it Works

✔ How to Identify Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process

✔ How to Connect With Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process

✔ How to Explore Buyer Fit Using a Modern Sales Process

✔ How to Advise and Close Buyers Using a Modern Sales Process

✔ How to Handle Negotiations and Renewals

Modern Sales Strategy Courses

✔ How to Start Using Modern Sales Strategies

✔ How to Create a Sales Positioning Statement

✔ How to Categorize Sales Content by Buyer Stage

✔ How to Use a CRM for Modern Sales

✔ How to use Modern Sales Software Tools to Sell More

✔ How to Track and Measure Sales Email Success

Modern Sales Growth Courses

✔ How to Hire the Right Sales People

✔ How to Successfully Coach Sales People

✔ How to Set Sales Metrics, Milestones, and KPI's

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