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Life Not as You Know It

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It is possible to fit fairly comfortably around 10 to 15 people here, so I will appreciate if you RSVP only if you are really attending the session. In this way I can know the number of people and spots left.

However if you are fine to sit down on the floor, we have mats, so we can possibly allow more people to come in.


Date: Wednesday, December 18
Time: 7.00 pm
Place: 1142 Granville Street Vancouver, BC
Free: By Donation


Once you get to the address, buzz the number 1418 and proceed to use the elevator to the tenth floor, turn to your right after getting out from elevator and proceed to the amenity lounge.



This meeting is going to be almost entirely different from any other that has been or perhaps than you experienced.

• Why?

This time I am inviting two other beings to share their perspective of awakened. So during this meeting you will get to encounter three awakened beings, and to see how awakened life is experience through three different angles.

This also is suspected to be a very powerful meeting, since there is going to be ongoing pointing to truth and what really is, in three different ways.

Which allows it, for you to pick up and come into experience of awakened life, perhaps faster than you believed it was possible.

Also the topics to be touched on:

• Is life all so much different if living it as fully awakened being?

• How to effectively know life?

• What is awakened Life?

• How to experience it?

• Do I need more years and practice to get there?

• Are you Ready?

We all live life believing that we know it so well and that generally life is in one way or another.

And what if, life experience that you are having is nothing even close to the real, direct, full and total experience of life through awakened being?

As always I invite people to come and experience for yourself and then do whatever you like with it.

Truth, Freedom, Liberation, Love, Compassion are all the great qualities which you don't need to work hard to have, they manifest just on their own in pure seeing of what is.

We may start with a big singing bowl meditation ( just for fun)

We will most likely have massive bubble making equipment too.

We will most certainly have lots of tea, refreshments and great people which creates pleasant mood to enjoy all of it :]

Thank you and see you soon,



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