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Expand Your Bubble - Expand Your Consciousness

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When: Today, Tomorrow, ......., ......,

Time: ~5.30 to ~7.30 pm

PLACE: English Bay Beach (, close to Denman and Davie

Contact: 604-961-2327

Hello everyone, I am doing it again and will be doing again and again on the upcoming days. Weather is getting better, and when I have a break between my work, I like to have fun like this :]

If you can act fast and spontaneously I invite you to join, I will be doing bubbles on the beach and flooding it with colors, smiles and joy.

If the weather cooperates I will be there making bubbles, even if it drizzles a little. As long as its not a massive storm, they can handle it.

To confirm if I am there and inform of your coming, you can always contact me at 604-961-2327

We are meeting on English Bay near laughing statues, close to Denman and Davie, if you are coming and trying to find us, pretty much look for big bubbles floating around and a bunch of people being amused like a group of children :]

Today I am having a casual meeting, which can also be used to talk about what thoughts are bothering you, if there are any..

We we are going to be making massive bubbles and a tiny mind :]

Open and Free environment to experience something new, something fresh, joyful and exciting.

A direct experience of presence through a liquid formation of consciousness.

A place to have a light chat or a deep one if desired, but most importantly, allowing the experience of the bubble to show you that which words fail to present..

You are welcomed to bring snacks and drinks if you desire, in fact hot drinks may be a good idea for our activity outside.

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