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Satsang with Kevin: Losing the need for Grasping

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We come into this world yearning.

From the moment we are born, we cry for sustenance, warmth and attention.

Later we bellow for toys, food, candy, you name it.

Is it really any wonder why we grow into wanting human beings?

We're programmed that way.

We eventually arrive at a notion that somehow external things will fix our inner turbulence--that it will bring us happiness in some fashion.

We want the perfect woman or man, the ideal marriage, perfect kids, the bigger home, the 80-inch big screen TV--all because we feel we are lacking, and the belief that somehow those things will fix our internal disturbance.

"If we could only have that, then we'd be happy," we assure ourselves.

But very soon we discover that the buzz of getting what we want (if we get it at all) wears off. It dies off for the want of something else.

The obsession with wanting extends (quite often) into a preoccupation with spiritual enlightenment or Awakening.

Here, the very act of wanting is the very thing preventing us from getting what we think we need.

Try this: Stop.

Flat out, cease the seeking or wanting right now.

Whether it's spiritual awakening or simply contentment, stop looking, and allow it to find you.

It will.

It may take some time, it's impossible to say how long, but it all starts with stopping.

But it is so worth it.

Come and explore this idea further, during Satsang with Kevin.

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