What we're about

I considered naming this the "Group for Accidental Step-Parents" (GASP!). I've yet to meet anyone who _planned_ on becoming a step-parent, let alone felt prepared for all the challenges they met as a stepmom. One of the hardest parts of the role is that Stepmoms often feel like an outsider in their own family -- this group is meant to provide a place of inclusion, community, support, inspiration, empathy, collective wisdom and connection. Gatherings format may include check-ins, circle sharing, group discussion, readings, journaling, meditation, etc. Topics we may explore: boundaries, defining and valuing your role as a step mom, bonding with stepkids, maintain a great relationship with your partner, handling step-kid hostility, the shadow sides of step mothering ('maybe I really am a wicked stepmom?'), relating with your partner's ex, inlaws and other relatives, and whatever else arises!