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Meeting the right people is crucial. We look to match ideas with talent, hustlers with hackers and provide a great opportunity to meet other people in Vancouver working in the Tech Industry.

We are the official meetup for Launch Academy (, as well as community run events like Demo Camp.

Want to have an event without having to create an entire new Meetup group?
Want to host or promote an event to 100s of web, software, and design craftspeople in Vancouver?
Interested in cool cross-disciplinary events that cover startups, development, marketing, design, and more?

Join us in the meetup to get word about awesome events in Vancouver.

If you would like to propose an event please keep the following in mind:

The event must be focused around technology, entrepreneurship and/or design.
The event must be free or of a moderate cost.
The event's primary purpose is not self promotion/profit. Real value is added to the community.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this group better, send our leadership team an email.

See you at our next event!

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