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The Vancouver UFO Meetup now has it's own YouTube channel with about 60 videos of our own members' experiences, at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8o57EdDnGekG_yklcJc9IQ/featured

Before Covid we used to meet in person to discuss one of the greatest mysteries of the world. Now that we meet online we decided to create the YouTube channel where we feature our recorded Zoom meetings. We’re interested in the evidence for alien involvement with the world and the relationship between aliens, abductees, governments and the military, including the secret space program. Anyone is invited to join who has any interest in UFOs. We welcome researchers, experiencers, abductees and contactees as well as people who are simply interested in this phenomena. We're not aligned with any particular ideology and want to have a broad base of inquiry and open minds.

We encourage our members to share their knowledge and their stories either through interviews, presentations, readings or discussion. We want to get the Truth out. All members have the opportunity to lead in this group. Just let Brian or Mimi know that you want to have a session and we will book you in. This is a good safe space in which to practice public speaking and we hope that all our members will become accustomed to presenting their topic. We will also have guest speakers from time to time.

If you're interested in speaking, please sign up to get your event date. Members are also encouraged to take on an Assistant Organizer’s roles to help us with online tasks, editing, uploading etc. for the channel. Bring your skills and be part of the fun.

In Sept. 2020, we paid to renew our Meetup for six months. We're good until April 2021 . Please send donations to cover costs to Brian by e-transfer to brian@theravada.ca . Any donations exceeding the yearly cost will go towards paying the Zoom subscription. Welcome!

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Marie-France's UFO Experiences and Possible Futures to Come

Marie-France Muller is French, MD, ND and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She lives in France and is the author of 39 books (but only two have been translated into English), most about alternative and integrative medicine. She had too an apprenticeship with an Indian doctor of the west coast, and a complete shamanic training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She was born in the north-east of France with full memory of her recent past life which always seemed to be just one same life as she had been born first in a family close to the second one and had been killed when only 11 during the second world war. A difficult situation at that time when nearly nobody had ever heard of past lives! Probably because of that, she kept the feeling that the gate to other dimensions had been kept open for some reason. So, she had “paranormal” and UFO experiences for her whole life, in a country where it was quite difficult to share such subjects, most of all in her rather official position as a doctor, author, lecturer, etc. An important part of these experiences showed possible futures to come, with advice about them. Note that she is not a seer, only somebody reporting what she had been showed and told by her alien guides. For a very long while she did not know what to do with all that until a couple of years ago when she got the feeling that these were pieces of a larger puzzle to be put together when time comes to make conscious choices. She had personally got some of these pieces, but it was necessary to include them with other experiencer’s pieces. It will be the main subject for this meetup.

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