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Vancouver UFO is an unbiased, open, investigative group, focused on Disclosure, "One Story at a Time". We believe that the real Truth and best source about UFOs and Visitor Contact is coming from Citizen Disclosure, not governments. There is mounting evidence of the Extraterrestrial/inter-dimensional presence in our world. Humanity deserves the Truth to this confusing issue. If you want to know if UFOs are real, we invite you to join us and listen, not only to the experts who come to speak with us, but to real people who are experiencing contact. This type of disclosure is immediate, accessible, and experiential. We consider this the most important topic for Humanity and it has been denied and covered up for more than 70 years.

It is not enough to know that we have been lied to. We want to really look at possible scenarios for what is taking place--without the filters of misinformation and disinformation...We want to know what it is and why they are here. Why have there been so many abductions dating back since the 1940s or more? How do Alien Agendas fit into current events?

What are Visitors doing with our DNA? Are they creating a hybrid race and preparing us for a slow but steady take over? Are they our Friends, Ancestors or our future selves, coming back to save us? Who are they and what do they want? Who are they serving? Have they simply been assigned this task by a benevolent "Creator/God/Source" to upgrade humanity? Or, more importantly, is this really a deception and this "God/Source" could be a Reptilian "AI" program. There are so many questions. Either way, will they succeed in creating a "better human"???

We are now living the consequences of irrational and irresponsible behaviour, facing climate change, ecological destruction, pollution of our sacred land and water resources and living through constant war, one against the "other". Will we find a way to live in harmony on this beautiful planet, with peace and prosperity for all of Earth's creatures--Without war, shameless greed and inequality? Are these Beings actually here because they're trying to assist Humanity before we destroy ourselves and our planet? We need a new paradigm for living. Perhaps the Aliens do see themselves as our "Saviours" and they believe they can prepare us to be truly responsible, life-loving, space-faring people. Perhaps...
Many of our contactees think so.

Many of our members have been on the ships and they testify that the craft and the Visitors are real. Interpersonal contact with extraterrestrial beings is real, and the stories that we tell are from real people.

They could be your next-door neighbours and their kids, or the barista at your favourite cafe, or a professor at your university, your massage therapist, or your mom, who never told you about her UFO experiences.

They are usually individuals who never asked to be contacted or abducted or to be genetically enhanced, but somehow and for unknown reasons, even to themselves, they were. They often say that they have been totally changed after their experiences. During contact, they are given specific messages to help humanity and the planet, making them feel more spiritual and connected, aware of the Unity of life. For years these people have been afraid to reveal themselves for fear of ridicule or worse but now they are stepping into the Light. We are not alone in the Universe and the visitors are closer than you think.

Vancouver UFO's intention is not to convince you of anything but we do want to present the facts as people say they experience them. We are not pushing one agenda or another. We have one aim however and that is to get this information out to help people see ourselves as one Humanity that is part of a Galactic Community. You will make up your own mind about what to believe and what to discard.

We want to stand together as Light Warriors, seeking Truth and speaking Truth, working to illuminate the ignorance and darkness that has suppressed humanity for thousands of years. We have been kept us in the dark about our real history and origins and stigmatized if we dare to question the status quo. We want to explore new possibilities and create a new timeline where Humanity wins.

If you'd like to share your story or need more information, please message us on Meet Up or write to: info@vancouverufo.com

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