• Let's Sketch around Strathcona a third time!!!

    Hunnybee Bruncheonette

    Harvey here, Ray Harvey, not Douglas as this advertises, but I couldn't figure out how to change the event host. Wow! A thrilling experience! Douglas is really good at this, perhaps he'll give me some lessons after this debacle. This is a last minute attempt to go to Strathcona on Saturday at noon. Strathcona was such a vibrant, textured spot I just wanted to try it again. so! If anyone else is interested ... Cool! We all agreed after sketching here just a few weeks ago in May, that we could easily come back again .... so let's do it! The trendy area just south of Chinatown has a bunch of little stores along Union Street across from the viaduct, coffee shops and lots of heritage homes and buildings. The photo shows the corner of Union and Gore Streets. More homes like this further east, interesting buildings like Finch's Market on Jackson and Georgia. Also on the corner of Union and Gore is the Hunnybee Brunchonette where we met last time. We'll start off here and hopefully meet for coffee after. https://www.instagram.com/hunnybeebrunch/ Hopefully the weather will be good. - fingers crossed.

  • Sketch New West Quay

    Location visible to members

    There are lots of sketching opportunities at the River Market in New West: river views, the market, boats, and lots of indoor areas in case of rain. Let’s meet at the Tin Soldier at 10:00am, and return at 12:00pm to share our sketches. Bring your sketching kit. Getting there: - By transit, the River Market is a short walk south of New Westminster Skytrain Station. - By car, there is the East Parking Lot (between Fraser River Discover Centre and Westminster Pier Park). It looks like there is free 3-hour parking on weekends, though I've never parked there myself. There is more parking info here: http://rivermarket.ca/parking

  • Sketch @ Harmony Arts Festival

    Ferry Building Gallery | West Vancouver

    Let's sketch at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver next to picturesque Ambleside Park on the seashore. Admission is free to most attractions and there will be art for sale, demos, music, food, beverages, and all the amenities. Bring a sunhat, sunscreen, or an umbrella depending on the weather, and of course, your usual sketching supplies including something to sit upon if required. We will meet at 12 noon at the Ferry Building Gallery which is also where we will meet at 2 pm. Parking is at a premium so it is advisable to take transit and your choice of buses is as follows: 250, 251, 257. Get off at 14th Street, go south to Argyle Street and the lovely Ferry Building Gallery is on the corner at 1414 Argyle Street. The Translink Trip Planner can be found at https://tripplanning.translink.ca/. The festival is from August 2 to 11. For more information on the festival visit https://www.harmonyarts.ca/. This festival is really good!

  • Sketch at Powell Street Festival

    Vancouver Buddhist Temple

    The annual Powell Street Festival is Vancouver's biggest Japanese-Canadian celebration. Lots of demos of dancing, music and martial arts; tables and booths of craft and food vendors. Lots of food. A busy area covering three blocks. There are also some heritage houses and pre-war commercial buildings nearby. This year, for the first time, the festival will not be IN Oppenheimer Park itself, to avoid displacing local users, but use the streets along the east of it and to the north. Many venues are being relocated along Alexander Street (north and parallel to Powell) further west than previous years to Gore. That's where the main stage will now be (so this photo scene may not happen again). Here's the weekend's schedule and map: http://www.powellstreetfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Program_2019_Final.pdf Two blocks from Hastings Street where the 14, 16, 20 buses run. Buses 4 and 7 go right along Powell. There's a stop across the street. We'll meet at the north-east corner of Oppenheimer Park, hopefully under the shade of some trees, across Jackson Street from the Buddhist Temple. It could be hot. Bring sunscreen, hat, water bottle (they have filling stations), as well as your usual art supplies. No, don't bring your usual art supplies - try something new!

  • Another weekday sketching session at Cathedral Square

    Cathedral Square

    And... another one at this spot. I promise it's more interesting there than this photo makes it look! This is a meetup to participate in "Art Tuesdays" in the summer, an initiative of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association. We'll be sketching in the "Cathedral Square" park shown above (northeast corner of Dunsmuir and Richards). I will bring some extra pencils and papers in case passersby would like to join us. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is right across the street. There will be some tables set up that we can use, and there are permanent benches as well. Lots of great food nearby too, such as falafel, poke, sushi, and ramen shops.

  • Granville Island Sketch Walk

    Opus Art Supplies (Granville Island)

    Let's sketch around Granville Island. USk instructor, artist/illustrator, and scientist Oliver Hoeller will be joining us as our guest after his weekend workshop series. Bring your own materials, as usual. We'll meet at 2PM in front of Opus Art Supplies store. Let’s sketch for 2 hours then meet back at 4PM to share our sketches and have a chat with Oliver. If there’s interest then we can go for coffee afterwards. As always, this sketch walk is a FREE event and open to anyone. Although Oliver will be there, no instructions will be given just like our other meetups. Some transit options are: 050 bus stops right in front of Granville Island 84 UBC bus stops at Fir and West 4th The 004, 007, 010, 014, and 016 buses from downtown will also take you near the Island but with a 10-minute walk.