Azure DevOps Community Launch Event


Celebrate the launch of Azure DevOps with us! Spend an afternoon following a fictitious but practical real world example on how to leverage Azure DevOps to manage your entire dev and release process.

From planning to delivery, you will follow us as we take a feature idea and turn it into reality across multiple cloud environments in Azure and AWS. Using agile planning tools, modern source control, continuous integration/deployment and team collaboration found in Azure DevOps, we will show how you can speed up and streamline delivery of high quality product with modern tooling and technology. And we'll have a bit of fun as we do it.

Azure DevOps Home Page:
DevOps Learning Resource:

In the spirit of the holiday season we are asking each attendee to bring one (or more) non-perishable items that will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Here is a link to a list of the top items requested this time of year…

Dana Epp
Dana has spent decades as an architect that focuses on helping secure software, data and infrastructure. When he’s not helping to build and grow software companies he’s advising others on adapting and embracing the ever changing landscape of IT. As both a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, he spends a great deal of time on security engineering in the cloud, focused on building safe, decoupled systems. You can follow him at

Medhat Elmasry
Medhat Elmasry was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He obtained his first and second degrees from the UK. He wrote his first commercial computer program in Cobol on an NCR computer that used punched cards in the 80s while working for the "United Nations Economic Commission for Africa" in Addis Ababa. Currently, Medhat is an instructor at BCIT in the Computing department, an independent IT contractor, and a founder of the .NET BC user group in Vancouver. He is also a regular speaker at user group meetings and technology conferences. Medhat likes to dabble in various technologies pertaining to Web, Mobile and Cloud spaces. He blogs at and publishes videos at

Mark Schramm
Mark is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development. He helps companies modernize their enterprise Windows applications, works with others on AI applications and is a technical advisor for Microsoft's Garage Intern program. Mark's focus with customers is extending the value of existing solutions while adding new abilities without disruption. Mark is an avid supporter of inclusive design in software development and diversity in software development. Follow Mark @markbschramm