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This is a networking and career resource group for women in male-dominated industries (eg: mining, finance, tech, engineering, construction, politics, etc.). WIMDI hosts a monthly speaker series focused on actionable advice that will help you achieve your career goals. We also meet once a month for coffee/tea to chat, commiserate, strategize, and cheer each other on. It's a great way to connect with women facing your issues when they are few and far between in your work life.

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Holly Burton
WIMDI Founder & CEO +
Leadership Coach for Women in Male-Dominated Industries
e: hello@wimdi.com
w: wimdi.com

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WIMDI Interactive Webinar - Leveraging Recruiters to Build Your Career

***** SIGN UP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET LOGIN DETAILS: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/wimdi-interactive-webinar-leveraging-recruiters-to-build-your-career-tickets-125217287277?aff=Meetup ***** In 2020, The WIMDI Speaker Series is inviting engaging speakers each month to give interactive talks on topics that help women kill it at work. Welcome to Talk 12 of 13 - Leveraging Recruiters to Build Your Career The world of recruiting can feel like a big mystery to a lot of us. While it's clear how companies engage with them to source candidates, it's a little more confusing to see how you can relate to them if you're actively looking for a job. This talk will focus on how to get spotted by recruiters and engage with them to surface exciting opportunities, whether you’re actively job searching or not. We’ll cover: - How recruiting works - How recruiters think (and what they look for!) - Practical tips to help you get spotted by recruiters - How to engage, communicate, and build long-term relationships with recruiters The goal of this talk is to give you tangible, actionable takeaways that will help you leverage relationships with recruiters to advance your career. This talk is presented by Swetlana Patnaik, Executive Search Expert Meet Swetlana, Talent Sourcer & Optimization Strategist at Beacon HR! Having lived in two continents and worked with some of the leading global Executive Search firms, Swetlana started her journey in Recruitment 11 years ago. With both agency and in-house experience at UBER, she specializes in identifying and attracting the 'needle in the haystack' tech talent. Swetlana is an acclaimed Indian Air-Rifle shooter, and she's won many accolades for her country. Along with a Bachelor's degree in English and MBA in Marketing, she's a creative soul who spends her free time DIY'ing with her husband. When Swetlana isn't sourcing top talent and finding perfect candidates for our clients, you can find her alongside her kids in the kitchen, experimenting and mastering the perfect apple crumble cake. -------------- ***** SIGN UP ON EVENTBRITE TO GET LOGIN DETAILS: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/wimdi-interactive-webinar-leveraging-recruiters-to-build-your-career-tickets-125217287277?aff=Meetup ***** -------------- Attendance Notes: 1) Gender: This event is open to individuals of any gender identity. 2) Code of Conduct: By Attending this event, you agree to adhere to WIMDI's code of conduct, which you can find at wimdi.com/code-of-conduct. 3) Privacy, Photography and Recording*: Online WIMDI events use Zoom, and we will be recording this event in the hopes of eventually releasing replays of the speaker portions of our events. As such we cannot guarantee that no photos, screenshots, or recordings will be taken of you during the event by event organizers or by other attendees. We love it when our members connect at our events using both video and audio, but we understand if our members prefer to participate with their video turned off to preserve (more of) their privacy.

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