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Reading, Critiquing and Podcasting Session
WHO: Writers and lovers of the craft, looking to get and give critiques and feedback on original work. Writers who want to hone their presentation skills. WHEN: every 2nd Monday. WHAT: Writers and lovers of literature, are invited to read and hear original work, and give and get feedback. Presenters get 10 to 15 minutes for both reading and receiving feedback; though if there's time and interest, we're happy to go beyond that. In word count, this is about 1300 words. If you choose, you can be recorded for our podcast ( WHY: 1. Duh! Getting feedback makes your writing better. You don't have to listen to the feedback, but if 3 or 4 people are saying the same thing, it might be worth paying attention to. 2. Develop courage. It's not easy to read your work to an audience. Here, you can practice – and practice not being crushed if you don't like what people say. 3. Practice elocution and projection. As a writer, you will have to read your work to audiences. Start practicing now! 4. Even planning to present your work will make you read it with new eyes, and improve. 5. Reading your work for an audience will further highlight rough spots, even without audience feedback. 6. Meet other writers, make friends and perhaps meet your own tighter critique group: the ones you'll bounce ideas off without finessing them; the ones who'll read your novel, story or play as you write it, chapter by chapter or scene by scene, giving you the guidance, structure and support you need to make your work your very best. 7. Productivity: if you know you're going to be sharing your work with others every two weeks, you'll work faster, with less hesitancy. MORE: Presenters, though you don't want to lead your audience, having questions prepared in advance can help focus feedback. The more specific your questions, the better; for example, “Does the transition between the two parts of the story work?” or “Is this character believable?” will bring you more constructive feedback than, “I'd just like to hear what people think.” When you are receiving feedback, just listen! You will get more out of it if you let the feedback sit with you – whether you agree with it or not. Don't argue, justify or explain. You don't have to act on what everyone is saying; however, if 3 or more people are saying the same thing, you might want to adjust your writing or presentation to address it. Critics, keep it focused and constructive. What can you tell the writer that will improve their work? This is not about personal opinion or anecdote. Print outs: You do not have to bring print outs, though many people do. If you're going to bring them, 9 to 10 is a good number. You can also use our Google Group,!forum/vancouver-writers. ( You need to join to use it. Once you're a member, upload your material and leave a comment on the meetup meeting you want to read at. Attendees can then download your document to their phone or device. Include a description of your work, providing context or anything people will need to understand it. Include any specific questions you have about your piece. Something that needs to be said: If you continually disrespect people's time and attention, you will be asked to leave. Podcasting: Listen to our podcast at Participants can record their reading and be included if they choose. Many people prefer hearing stories, poems, etc. rather than reading them. Reading for an audience and listening to yourself afterwards is also a great way to improve your delivery and written words. You'll notice yourself tightening sentences almost immediately. The podcast is shared with this group's members, and on our Facebook page, among other places. You can share it with your friends or use it on your website. Creative Coworkers fees: Creative Coworkers suggests a $3 to $5 donation per person per meeting, however, if you buy a yearly membership, we don't have to ask you for a donation. With the $30 membership, you get a free beer or coffee with each visit, discounts on additional drinks and snacks, 50% off other workshops (things like web site building, marketing, meditation), 2 hrs. of boardroom use per month and you're supporting a non-profit dedicated to helping creative-tech workers. More at Meetup fees: Please bring some change to help cover our meetup fees. If every person donates 75 cents per meeting, our fees are covered. Thank you for sharing! This group is only as good as its participants and, almost exclusively, they've been beyond open and generous with their talent and selves. So much respect! Facebook group:

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Our main session is a Reading, Critiquing and Podcasting night every 2nd Monday night. We share material we are working on – fiction, creative non-fiction, comedy, scripts, poetry, non-fiction – and help each other refine our work. Some of us work on performance skills. Podcasting is optional though encouraged.

We also do series or one-offs on topics of interest to writers. We have been known to have social nights at a bar in Vancouver, and occasionally writing competitions.

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