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What we’re about

Vancouver Xcoders is a speaker series focused on learning more about building great apps for iOS and the Mac using Swift and other tools.

Each event features at least two speakers, with time before and after for discussion. Common topics include Swift, frameworks, lessons learned, and stories of iOS and Mac app development. If you're interested in giving a lightning talk or a full talk, or would like to recommend somebody else as a speaker, let us know by contacting any of our organizers or submit your talk here

All attendees are expected to require to our Code of Conduct. For now we're using the Seattle Xcoders Code of Conduct, but we plan to rationalize this with the Code of Conduct we use for VanJS and share the same text for both. In all cases the core message is the same: attendees are expected to respect one another and we won't tolerate harassment. If an attendee isn't holding up this standard, contact Allen Pike, Malin Sundberg, or any other organizer.

(Formerly VanCocoa, our group is now called Xcoders – after our neighbours, Seattle Xcoders.)