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Xcoders (Online Edition): Demystifying Code Signing & A Subscription Mindset

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Malin S.


Last month's event was a lot of fun, so let's keep the ball rolling! 😃

This time we have two exciting talks lined up, featuring Josh Holtz and Curtis Herbert, followed by an online social catchup!


  1. Josh Holtz, RokkinCat & fastlane – Demystifying Code Signing
  2. Curtis Herbert, Slopes & Sim Genie – A Subscription Mindset
  3. Online social catchup!

Talk details:
Josh Holtz – Demystifying Code Signing

"No signing certificate matching team ID found. Provisioning profile does not match the team ID. Provisioning profile doesn't include signing certificate. These are just some of the error messages that you may have come across trying to release your app. Code signing issues can certainly be frightening from the outside. In this talk, Josh will be shinning some light on the inner working of code signing! We'll go through the different certificates and provisioning profile types and how everything elegantly comes together in the build settings of your Xcode project. We'll talk through common code signing issues and how to debug them. We'll even talk about different code signing strategies with Xcode and fastlane. Together... we will demystify code signing."

Curtis Herbert – A Subscription Mindset

"Curtis has been running a subscription-based app since 2015, so he’s had a bit more time than many to learn from his mistakes. He’s going to talk about some tips you can follow, from a user experience standpoint, to make sure you aren’t hindering your new business model."

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