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Ok its time for the April Vancouver iDeveloper meetup!

We look to have an exciting event planned this month. We have some very interesting speakers, exciting iCandy, and the regular great format for interacting with your iOS developer and designer peers.

The meetup looks full and we are getting a long wait list. If you can’t make it please take a moment to update your rsvp status to allow one who can. (You can RSVP "No" if you can not make it anymore, even at the last minute.)

This months speakers:

• Eventbase is sending a speaker to present on "iBeacons"

• Nikita Kolmogorov is presenting "How to create your own WhatsApp in 1-2 days or less."

• Aaron Hilton is presenting "Combining Oculus Rift and iPhones: Head Tracking, augmented reality (AR) and sensors."

Our planned iCandy includes:

• Julie Zilber is presenting "Supiki: Adding one thing to Supiki made all the difference."

• Jacqueline Zhao is presenting "PredictFuture"

• Bill Bonney is presenting "Drone Control from your Pocket"

• Lance Lasheras presenting "Super Adventure Mega Quest"

Follow us!

Vancouver iDevelopers has a new twitter address and will be starting to using this as one of the ways to communicate and listen to the group. Please follow vanidevs [ ]


We are looking to do more as a group and are looking for additional sponsors. If you would like to sponsor the group or want to suggest a possible sponsor, contact Jason Leach -
or Jason.Leach @

Want to strut your stuff?

If you want to present an additional iCandy please let us know. We can likely get you in the door (if you did not manage to sign up in time) if you bring an iCandy presentation. iCandy presentations are quick, 5min, a few slides, maybe a video. And remember we're going with the wide theme (16:9). Yes, finally Keynote on iPad supports 16:9! Live demos are risky, but we're getting better at this.

Sign up for iCandy here:

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