What we're about

Welcome to the Vancouver Angel Investors Club!

We are a different kind of investment club that focuses not just on return on investment in dollars, but also companies that can make a difference to people and the planet. In other words, sustainable business.

No actual money is exchanged within the club, invest if and when you want. Our mandate is to identify opportunities that offer a return on investment that not only provides a profit criteria, but also generate a lasting human and environmental benefit by becoming flourishing businesses.

Who is this club intended for?

Our club is very accessible and is intended for active investors of all types that have an interest in small venture investing. It is recommended that you have some past experience investing in individual stocks and have a brokerage account.

The club meets once a month to meet the principals of new and exciting ventures. Each Vancouver Angel Investor can have their own way of analyzing and identifying compelling investment opportunities that appeals to them.

We welcome submissions from any of our VAI members for presentation companies and will review them for a date to present to a membership gathering. Fire away!

Would you like to find out about new ideas that can really make a difference in this world through thoughtful, intelligent and disruptive technologies combined with entrepreneurial passion?

If YES, then this is the place for you!

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Business Ideas Roundtable!

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp

Join us to listen to some interesting ideas, or bring one sustainable business idea with you, to present as a suggestion to the others at meeting. Something you've seen, something you've invested in or maybe something you've started yourself! 1-3 minutes to talk about what you like about your idea, why you think it's a winner, and maybe what you are thinking about doing with it. Each attendee can bring up to 3 ideas to present in this approximately 90 minute gathering at Electra Meccanica at First Avenue and Quebec by Science World. Street parking throughout the area, and a parkade across Quebec by the Tractor foods shop. Should be a fun evening of socializing, networking and brainstorming. I expect to see EVERYONE who's ever contacted me about their great idea and everyone who has asked me if I know of any good ideas to attend! These are always fun and lively events!!

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Angel Group launch party

Earls V Lounge in Yaletown

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