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Welcome to the Vancouver Real Estate Club - Home Builders Meetup Group.

We meet on a regular basis to learn about all things related to Real Estate and other forms of investing. All meetings are information packed and with no cheesy sales pitches.

To all, you are welcome!

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PART II: EPIC, Popular Business Networking Party @ Cedar Cottage Pub!!

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub

Hello Everyone, We’re still finalizing a few things for another fun successful event. This is a PAID EVENT to attend, so PLEASE READ ALL the Instructions Below BEFORE Signing Up. This event will be cross promoted with 21+ different groups, so the RSVPs here WON’T be accurate. You had shown us some love and support in the past months, so we want to do the same by making the commute shorter, easier and host an event near you with FREE ample parking and buses are right in front! Step 1: RSVP Below. Step 2: Acquire your Early Birds’ eTicket for only $10 before the price goes up. (No you don't need to print it out, so let's save some trees and be environmental-friendly.) https://eventchain.io/event-details/65ec9a51e8395f52c7e5e58edb26fff1/Part_II-_EPIC-_Popular_Business_Networking_Party_-_Cedar_Cottage_Pub--/?code=nate We have a good venue with a closed, private large room that’s available for only us from 5-9pm ish, then it will open to the public. YES you can stay after to socialize, shoot pool, throw darts, or even come earlier to play. We will have some Fun Ice Breaker Games, so U can meet even more people easily without the awkwardness. Also we will have 2 fantastic result-oriented, proven successful speakers to help U grow your business even faster! They will share some of their best secrets. Join movers and shakers for a relaxing, highly effective evening of networking and building new joint venture partnerships. Enjoy a productive evening of mingling with business and tech people. Grow your business by creating and strengthening strategic partnerships (JVs) and honing your referral engine. * Find Joint Ventures and Referral Partners * Master your elevator pitch * Position yourself as an authority in your industry * Connect with Influencers * Grow your network How to Craft and Deliver an Irresistible Introduction We meet three new people per day on average. That’s one thousand people per year. For a company of 1-4 employees, that’s 1,000-4,000 introductions per year. They're telling a story about the work that you do. How well do you think they're telling that story? Now, how would it feel if everyone in the company can tell a more confident, more compelling story about the work that you do? Imagine what they could do for your company. Imagine what it could do for your bottom line. Top 5 Obstacles To Productivity and What To Do About Them Dr. Kayvon K. is a Simplifier, Effectiveness Coach, Author, and Speaker! The story. Medical Doctor > Web Designer > Coder > Entrepreneur > Internet Marketer > Entrepreneurial Effectiveness Coach > Author & Speaker > ??? What’s Next in Life? www.TalkToKayvon.com https://eventchain.io/event-details/65ec9a51e8395f52c7e5e58edb26fff1/Part_II-_EPIC-_Popular_Business_Networking_Party_-_Cedar_Cottage_Pub--/?code=nate Earl Flormata’s topic: “Learn How to Acquire More Clients & Increase Your WP Website Traffic for FREE!” (Earl's bio is on both EventChain and EventBrite with the time agenda.) Please plan to buy a drink or 2 to support the venue and appreciation. Also we ask you a small favor to help us provide the most value to everybody in attendance by sharing the event info with someone you know who can use more connections, collaborations, and clients. Let’s make it THE GREATEST networking event in Vancouver! Also some other fantastic groups to join are: www.meetup.com/my-internet-startups/ www.meetup.com/my-personal-and-business-development-groups/ www.meetup.com/mix-mingle-and-make-new-friends/ Make the Most Out of the Event: * Smile and Bring a Positive Attitude! * Share your Wins, Losses, and Best Practices. * If you have any ideas, questions and/or comments for making things better, then please contact me via “[masked]”. Or Plan B=leave comments anonymously on the survey cards? * Dress code is business casual. Cheers & Grateful, Nathan Wong & the “Angles”

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