What we're about

Isaiah 1:18
"Come now, let us reason together," says the LORD.

This group is formed to facilitate discussion between Christians and atheists (but people of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to attend). Does either group have valid reasons for choosing their "belief system?" (Please only attend if you can discuss these topics calmly and respectfully.)

About the Organizer
Bernie Dehler is a Secular Humanist (atheist) and attends some of the local humanist/atheist groups. (Bernie is also one of the organizers of the "Westside Science and Religion Discussion Group" at meetup.com .)

Our Objectives:
Many times atheists and Christians go together like oil and water (which means, they don't mix at all). The main objective of these meetings is to help break the ice so we can begin to understand each other better and hopefully influence each other for the better.

There's nothing wrong with evangelism or trying to convert people, but that's not what these meetings are for. These are for building relationships and learning from each other. If you want to change the mind of others, consider doing it through a long-term ongoing relationships. And these meetings should be great for creating these relationships. But remember that ideas should flow both ways (no preaching, but discussion instead).

Small, medium, and large world
One thing that really impresses people of all beliefs is contemplating the very small world which we can't comprehend, our medium world in which we evolved, and large world which we can't comprehend. This website is awesome in explaining this using multimedia:

Richard Dawkins gives a great presentation on this in this TED talk:

Past events (68)

Live call-in tv show tonight

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"The Limits of Evolution" w/ atheist critique and audience Q&A

PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU)

Christian/Atheist God Debate in Eugene

The Barn Light - East

Bernie debunks Christian apologists in Eugene

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