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The Vancouver User Experience Group is a diverse community of practitioners and students who are passionate about building better experiences and honing our skills. We meet regularly to share innovative research, diverse perspectives and inspiring real-world examples. We are also the proud hosts of the Vancouver User Experience Awards (http://www.vancouveruxawards.com/).

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This group also meets 2 times per year to plan and execute the monthly event series. This team is responsible for planning the monthly event calendar, balancing the types of events held (presentations, workshops, panels, lightning talks, tours, etc), venues and logistics. Each event requires publication on Meetup, ticket management, on-site logistics and speaker coordination.


The financial mandate of VanUE is to run revenue neutral events with the help and generosity of sponsors and volunteers. OXD manages the VanUE account for funds collected at the door for events. We have kept access affordable (typical monthly sessions cost $5-$10). Funds from these events are used to invest back in future events or speakers, or occasionally used to cover a portion of a social activity after the event. From time to time, when we bring in an out of town speaker or have a special event, tickets can be up to $20, but only to cover expenses of venue, catering and our speaker.


Founding sponsors include:

Habanero Consulting Group


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to provide a venue or help with travel or costs for an out-of-town speaker, please contact one of the organizers via Meetup or at info@vanue.com.


Via Meetup, the organizers share announcements of official VanUE events (and sell related tickets), UX related job postings and occasional cross-posting of related, local UX events and activities. There are usually 4-6 announcements per month.

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Suggestions for UX related topics are always welcome by contacting us at info@vanue.com or by contacting the organizers on Meetup.

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If you are a local UX practitioner or student and would like to help out with VanUE events, please contact info@vanue.com .

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[ONLINE] UX and a seat at the table

Online event

How familiar do these sound?

  • UX is asked to "anoint" an existing design rather than to help shape it.
  • Your design concerns are regularly brushed aside in favour of other priorities (ship date, budget, etc.).
  • People have been hired into UX roles but struggle to influence how decisions are made and how products are developed.

If you've encountered anything like these challenges, they're frustrating every time: you want to help, and you have the skills to help, but you aren't consistently able to help.

Fortunately, the skills UX practitioners already have can be applied to improve the credibility and influence of a UX practice:

  • Understand how your audience makes decisions, both their concerns and their process
  • Determine where your involvement can create the greatest benefits
  • Present your solutions in terms that your audience will find both relevant and appealing
  • Make informed trade-offs to deliver value
  • Reap increased credibility

We'll talk about both mindset and tactics. One example: concern for positive outcomes makes more headway than directly seeking authority. In private life, if one aims directly at happiness, one is likely to miss the mark. Those who aim instead at fulfillment and contribution are, interestingly, more likely to pick up happy moments on the way. Likewise, if you aim at decision-making authority you're likely to be resisted by those who already have it. But when you credibly aim at better outcomes, for customers and for your organization, people are more likely to notice and to regularly seek your input.

We'll leave ample time to discuss together how to implement these ideas in practice.

When: May 25, 6:00 - 7:00 pm (PDT)

About the Speaker:

Chuck McKinnon is currently President of LightBurn Software, now the world's most popular software for laser cutters. He founded the UX team at SMART Technologies in 2002 and spent the next 15 years leading teams doing UX and data visualization. Having been a software developer, a UX team lead, a consultant, and now an executive, he is well-positioned to help people in different roles understand and influence each other.

In his spare time he wrenches on cars, enjoys hiking and canoeing, and has somehow developed a Docker container self-hosting hobby. He lives in Cochrane, Alberta with his wife and two younger children. He lifts, although his 16-year-old son just beat Chuck's deadlift PR and wants the whole world to know it.

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