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The Vancouver User Experience Group is a diverse community of practitioners and students who are passionate about building better experiences and honing our skills. We meet regularly to share innovative research, diverse perspectives and inspiring real-world examples.

Organizing team 

This group also meets 2 times per year to plan and execute the monthly event series. This team is responsible for planning the monthly event calendar, balancing the types of events held (presentations, workshops, panels, lightning talks, tours, etc), venues and logistics. Each event requires publication on Meetup, ticket management, on-site logistics and speaker coordination.

The financial mandate of VanUE is to run revenue-neutral events with the help and generosity of sponsors and volunteers. OXD manages the VanUE account for funds collected at the door for events. We have kept access affordable (typical monthly sessions cost $5-$10). Funds from these events are used to invest back in future events or speakers, or occasionally used to cover a portion of a social activity after the event. From time to time, when we bring in an out of town speaker or have a special event, tickets can be up to $20, but only to cover expenses of venue, catering and our speaker.

Founding sponsors include:
Habanero Consulting Group
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to provide a venue or help with travel or costs for an out-of-town speaker, please contact one of the organizers via Meetup or at info@vanue.com.

Via Meetup, the organizers share announcements of official VanUE events (and sell related tickets), UX related job postings and occasional cross-posting of related, local UX events and activities. There are usually 4-6 announcements per month.
Meetup members have access to a moderated VanUE community message board and can post messages directly to vanue-list@meetup.com. Messages must be posted using the email account associated Meetup.

Speaker/event suggestions
Suggestions for UX related topics are always welcome by contacting us at info@vanue.com or by contacting the organizers on Meetup.

Volunteer opportunities
If you are a local UX practitioner or student and would like to help out with VanUE events, please contact info@vanue.com.

Upcoming events (2)

Design Operations: Scaling your design practice and impact

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Design Operations (DesignOps) is a fast-growing discipline in Canada and the US. But, what is DesignOps, exactly? And what does it look like without a dedicated team? Whether you’re aware of it or not, chances are you’ve already implemented DesignOps practices in one way or another.

In this session, we’ll touch on DesignOps foundations, what they may look like in your day-to-day, how they can help scale your design practice, further amplify the value design brings to your customers and organization, and potentially open up new career opportunities.

About Jadyn
Jadyn Aguilar is a Design leader with over 15 years of experience driving DesignOps, omnichannel design vision and strategy, digital transformation, establishing quality standards, and building world-class design cultures. She is currently the Head of Design Operations at Gusto, responsible for driving a holistic effort to create an environment where Product Design value is augmented to deliver quality experiences for Gusto’s customers, organizational partners, and business.

Product of You™: How to Design and Build a Fulfilling and Future-Proof Career

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Creative and tech professionals passionately apply design and creativity to create products and solve other people’s problems. But there’s an unknown irony that holds them back – they fail to apply their creative and technical muscles to address problems in their careers.

As a result, many professionals get stuck in unfulfilling jobs, aren’t paid what they’re worth, don’t pursue their dreams, and lack the confidence to reach their full professional potential.

To have a more fulfilling career, and life, you must treat your career as a product. Doing so will help you get hired faster, be ready for unexpected job searches or when opportunities fall in your lap, and make you a more effective employee when you are hired.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build and iterate your career through the 3 key elements that make up the Product Of You™:

🎁 Product: Your skills, talent, and experience.⁠
📣 Marketing: Communicating what you do.⁠
💸 Sales: Standing out so you can get hired.⁠

You’ll leave with actionable steps and strategies you can apply to your career now, and for many years to come.

When: November 9, Wednesday, 6-8 pm (PST)

About the speaker:

Sarah Doody is the Founder & CEO of Career Strategy Lab, a UX career accelerator that helps UX and product professionals navigate their job search and get hired without applying to hundreds of jobs. Professionals that have worked with Sarah have landed jobs at Amazon, Blue Origin, Home Depot, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more and on average, they increase their salaries by 40%.

She is also a User Experience designer, researcher, and educator. Having worked in the UX industry for more than 18 years, she began her career by working at large corporations and startups before launching her own product design consultancy in 2012.

For more information on Sarah please visit www.careerstrategylab.com or www.sarahdoody.com. She can also be found on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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