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The Vancouver User Experience Group is a diverse community of practitioners and students who are passionate about building better experiences and honing our skills. We meet regularly to share innovative research, diverse perspectives and inspiring real-world examples. We are also the proud hosts of the Vancouver User Experience Awards (http://www.vancouveruxawards.com/).

Organizing team

This group also meets 2 times per year to plan and execute the monthly event series. This team is responsible for planning the monthly event calendar, balancing the types of events held (presentations, workshops, panels, lightning talks, tours, etc), venues and logistics. Each event requires publication on Meetup, ticket management, on-site logistics and speaker coordination.


The financial mandate of VanUE is to run revenue neutral events with the help and generosity of sponsors and volunteers. OXD manages the VanUE account for funds collected at the door for events. We have kept access affordable (typical monthly sessions cost $5-$10). Funds from these events are used to invest back in future events or speakers, or occasionally used to cover a portion of a social activity after the event. From time to time, when we bring in an out of town speaker or have a special event, tickets can be up to $20, but only to cover expenses of venue, catering and our speaker.


Founding sponsors include:

Habanero Consulting Group


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor to provide a venue or help with travel or costs for an out-of-town speaker, please contact one of the organizers via Meetup or at info@vanue.com.


Via Meetup, the organizers share announcements of official VanUE events (and sell related tickets), UX related job postings and occasional cross-posting of related, local UX events and activities. There are usually 4-6 announcements per month.

Meetup members have access to a moderated VanUE community message board and can post messages directly to vanue-list@meetup.com. Messages must be posted using the email account associated Meetup.

Speaker/event suggestions

Suggestions for UX related topics are always welcome by contacting us at info@vanue.com or by contacting the organizers on Meetup.

Volunteer opportunities

If you are a local UX practitioner or student and would like to help out with VanUE events, please contact info@vanue.com .

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[ONLINE] Writing for web accessibility: How to create understandable content

What makes digital content accessible? This question is increasingly being asked, researched, and discussed all over the world. Governments are putting regulations in place. Groups are working to define standards and guidelines. And the content landscape is slowly getting better for people with disabilities.

But there's still a lot of work to do.

A big part of creating accessible content involves the technical stuff. Coding content for accessibility and having effective visual design are critical. They reduce barriers for people with disabilities trying to perceive and interact with your content.

But imagine if, after all that, your users can't understand your content? Maybe the sentences or words are too complex, or the ideas are poorly organized. All your careful coding and visual design work could go to waste.

In 2017, Statistics Canada found that about 1 in 5 Canadians aged 15 and over had one or more disabilities. Many of them may have trouble understanding your content. What good is information that stays trapped on the page for so many people?

In this presentation, Farah Hirani will walk you through how to write content that lowers barriers for people with disabilities, and in the process, benefits everyone.

This session is for anyone in a UX/CX or content-related role that wants to:
- Understand the content writing aspects of accessibility.
- Learn how to create content that everyone can understand.
- Promote better content-writing practices in their organization.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:
- Why your business should design content to be accessible.
- How content that's not written or organized well can exclude people with disabilities.
- How you can write and organize content in ways that lower barriers for people with disabilities.

There will be a Q&A session at the end for group dialogue and reflections.


6pm: Talk on “Writing for web accessibility: How to create understandable content”
7pm: Networking



Farah Hirani is a senior content strategist at Content Strategy Inc, Canada’s only consultancy focusing exclusively on content strategy. She helps large organizations turn their unruly content landscapes into lean, organized spaces that all users can understand and act on. This can include:

- Using a research-based approach to define and understand audiences and their needs.
- Digging into content to assess and make recommendations around accessibility, SEO, and content organization.
- Developing tools and standards that will help sustain good content practices over the long term.

She has over 5 years of experience in content-related roles in freelance, in-house, and consultancy contexts, with industry certifications in UX and marketing management.


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