• COMFY PANTS & MEDIA KITS Workshop: Get Your Brand Featured with Easy PR Tools

    Let's help you COMPLETE a huge step in boosting your credibility in your industry! By the end of this workshop you will feel relieved and informed on where you fit in with personal branding and you will be able to give yourself permission to approach PR goals on your own terms. Maybe you want an online presence and maybe you don't. I have strategies for all of you. Hi, I'm Mindy! As I come from a wellness and fitness background I have created this workshop with fellow wellness and lifestyle professionals in mind. I meet many yoga teachers, life coaches, personal trainers and beauty experts etc. who dive into their career because of passion and a desire to help others... then... YIKES... they discover that they have committed to a career where they must treat themselves as a business or a brand - SCARY! My lessons also apply to real estate professionals, accountants, business founders or anyone else who wishes to boost their authority as an expert. This workshop is NOT overly techy, and it is not intended for digital marketers, business coaches or social media branding experts who already know their way around these concepts. This is for the end-users who are struggling to make sense of marketing -- I teach my community to take a break from messages coming at them from marketers and business experts. I help participants make up their own minds about what approaches are meaningful to them and what approaches don't sit well. __________________________________________________________________ Logistics info like parking and building access will be posted in comments and emailed to attendees. *Bring a laptop and notebook (if you have no laptop this is fine). - 15 minutes setting up laptops and introductions, getting settled - 45 minutes of decoding PR and helping you decide where you fit in and what types of features are meaningful to you. - 45 minutes live walkthrough of how I create a media kit and what to include in it if you are a beginner or have no audience, and what to include in order to attract features that feel like "pinch me" milestones! - Closing Q&A usually involves a discussion about how I approach editors/brands/organizations, as well as how I turn rejection into a positive experience, and what your next steps should be based on your unique situation and goals. _________________________________________________________________ NOT A NETWORKING EVENT -- you can relax and be yourself! I believe that Entrepreneurs and branded personalities need moments where they can turn their energy inward and just focus on their own growth without judgement or external pressures. You do not have to put on a professional front. We hang out as peers experiencing new things together. PR IS THE FUN SIDE OF BUSINESS! -- recognition in your industry feels so good when you are in the thick of stressful business goals or branding paralysis. Even if you feel like a nobody in your industry, or feel you haven't accomplished anything worth featuring in the media, I have your back. PR opportunities aren't reserved for businesses or people who are already famous. If you are DOING THINGS or TEACHING THINGS you have a story and you have relevant insight to share with audiences. You are newsworthy right now, as you are TODAY. MEDIA KITS ARE FOR EVERYONE -- media kits are priceless digital assets that help you during all stages of your journey. Building a professional media kit and knowing how to modify it to attract exciting opportunities and PR features is can be confusing if you aren't clear on why you need it, and what information is the top priority to include. Once it is complete your world gets a lot brighter, clearer and easier. You can even publish it to the web and use it instead of a website! I also host Instagram Community-building workshops for those of you who are interested in talking more about how to build an engaging audience AUTHENTICALLY and how to find YOUR PEOPLE. @MindyLouAmbrose @VancouverBlogger

  • Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class: Adult Drop-in... hey ladies let's hang out!

    iDance Mt Pleasant


    If you are an absolute dance newbie, or even a past experienced dancer who feels rusty, this is for YOU! *** Hip Hop Fundamentals *** There are no RSVPs for this. I might have too large of a group joining me already, because of social media posts. Please send me a DM if you sign up for the class and want to meet up with us. I will just keep changing the date on this event, each time a small group of us goes to a dance class. https://www.idancevancouver.com/schedule Email Amanda at idance to request registration for the class and to get set up with your $10 intro rate [masked] Also, creep on their Instagram @idancevancouver Simple concept: I happen to be registered for Hip Hop Fundamentals at idance Vancouver (May 16th 6:30pm - 7:30pm but you have to arrive 15 min early as there will be a waitlist at the studio, for this popular class). Join me, I have started a small squad of friendly people. Be sure to visit their website for all the info you need. DM me to let me know once you pay and sign up so I can keep a record of who is actually coming. I'd love to greet anyone and sit with you all while we wait for class to start, especially if you are nervous about going alone. Will I fit in? This adult drop-in attracts many people who are not skilled dancers and even people who feel uncoordinated... lots of Nervous Nellies.. but everyone has fun and feels more relaxed by the end. This dance studio attracts ALL kinds of people and all ages, especially people who want to get some exercise but who hate gyms. What to expect: Unlike classes that involve heavy choreography -- where you memorize a long sequence of dance moves that rarely repeat -- this class has many repetitions and the instructor helps us try to nail the Hip Hop groove and flow into different dance steps, giving us the chance to try to get them right. This is a perfect class if you want t transition into beginner classes that are more choreographed but have no idea how well you will keep up. Injuries: I don't recommend this for people with bad knees or backs. We bend our knees a LOT in this class. If you think you are too out of shape for this you are probably wrong. You don't have to be physically fit to get through the class. But it is very sweaty and feels like exercise. Cost: $10 is the cost for anyone taking their first class at the studio. If you have been there before, your drop-in rate will be higher. I am not collecting money or making a profit off of this. I just figured some of you would be excited to try something new with fellow dance newbies. Register ASAP. It will be full if you wait too long. The class registration opens up this Thursday May 9th (one week before our class date on the 16th) but the owner said my buds can contact her to request early registration and get set up with their $10 trial class. FAQ WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Comfortable, breathable clothing like capris, shorts, loose top, and sports bra. Technical wicking material works. Clean, indoor-only sneakers for classes like hip hop, Zumba, and grooving. Socks or bare feet for classes like ballet, jazz and contemporary. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Water bottle, hair elastic, towel if you sweat a lot, clean sneakers, loose or stretchy clothing. The room is hot and humid. IS THERE PARKING? There is metered parking on Broadway and free parking on 8th and surrounding side streets. Please factor in your parking situation to the required 6:15pm arrival. Payment: I am not sure of all the payment options. This is simply an invite to join me during my regular recreational activities. Email Amanda at idance and request early registration for 6:30pm Hip Hop Fundamentals with Mindy and her friends. Contact idance Studios:[masked] [masked] https://www.idancevancouver.com/schedule 119 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P4

  • Comfy Pants & Media Kits: A Fun Workshop for Lifestyle Brands & Wellness Experts

    I specialize in helping local lifestyle brands and wellness experts decode the personal branding process. I am also a passionate lifestyle junkie and expert like you, thus I understand the marketing climate in your arena. Feel free to bring your branding and PR struggles with you for discussion! Come with an openness to step into being your own brand, and leave with a complete PR & Marketing tool! If you are a bit of a lost soul when it comes to techy business tasks, or just marketing yourself in general, this will help launch your confidence and improve your brand image. Payment -- necessary in advance to secure your seat, there will be no cash at the door - Earlybird $30 accepted until noon on Saturday! Send PayPal or e-transfer to [masked] thanks! Bring I.D. -- as we are entering the WeWork co-working space after hours, they require photo ID from everyone attending. I believe we scan it on entry which is understandable since they are generously allowing non-members to use their space. Bring a laptop! If you are unable to bring a laptop, but still want to attend, you will still walk away with incredible value and will be able to complete one at home in under 2 hours. Let's complete our beautiful and branded PDF media kits in 2 hours! Isn't that a great word - "COMPLETE." No more loose ends. Let's get it DONE. In partnership with @VancouverBlogger Located at the beautiful WeWork Coworking space at the Cambie Skytrain Station (South Vancouver). Finally an event close to our Richmond members! Messy buns and sweatpants are welcome. This is an image-fee experience where you do not have to worry about having your professional game-face on. This is about turning your energy inward and investing in yourself. Introverts are welcome. DM and say Hi! More details coming soon. This will be a high-value tutorial for anyone wanting to complete a digital PDF media kit for their brand or business. By the end of this session, you will have a complete, branded, digital asset to promote yourself for industry partnerships, media features and PR opportunities. You will be working with user-friendly templates that I have created for a speedy tutorial. But will also know how to create alternate styles moving forward. All of your problems and fears will be addressed: "MY AUDIENCE ISN'T BIG ENOUGH. I WILL EMBARRASS MYSELF IF I PUT MY STATS & NUMBERS ON A MEDIA KIT" (Not every PR opportunity is landed because of our audience size.) We will be discussing the other side of PR - opportunities that don't require you to prove your audience size. We will also talk about the stats you CAN include instead of your audience numbers. "I DON'T HAVE ANY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TO PUT IN A MEDIA KIT" We will have access to stock photos and I will show you how to customize any photo to look suitable in your kit. You can also contact me in advance for tips in creating a few easy photos at home. "I WON'T HAVE TIME TO PREPARE BEFORE THE WORKSHOP DATE: You do not have to have anything prepared. If you are not happy with all of the details in your kit, you will be able to keep customizing it and saving different versions. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH A MEDIA KIT" You will learn how to approach brands and media platforms with your kit. And we will have a discussion on how to profile easy, immediate opportunities to stage your brand for bigger opportunities down the road. "WHO WILL FEATURE ME? I AM NOT FAMOUS." We will talk about this. Earlybird fee $30 up to April 13th. Regular fee $45 from Apri 13h to 17th.

  • Comfy Pants + Bracelets + Brews: A No dress-code DIY Party

    Dageraad Brewing


    Not just for beer drinkers! $15 Cash with the expectation that you will update your RSVP if anything changes. (Thank you) *Flexible start time. Come whenever you can after 6:15pm. I will probably be there until 9pm. Fun fact about me: I am OBSESSED with hemp bracelets and anklets. They are easy to make and will never go out of style. Make as many as you can until we run out of materials. I will have a couple types of hemp cording, and a bunch of beads to personalize our creations. They also make beautiful gifts you can whip up for friends on the fly. Check the event IMAGES for some inspo. Our friends at Dageraad Brewery (Right near skytrain in Burnaby) are giving us their mezzanine area to hang out and blab the night away. FYI they have cider on tap and non alcoholic drinks too. WHAT'S INCLUDED: - One BEER drink ticket (sorry only beer is included but I am working on a take-home beverage to be included for non beer drinkers to make up for the value) - Bracelet supplies to make multiple bracelets - Snacks and treats (plus you are allowed to bring your own food) - Juicy door prizes. Pretty simple event focussed on laughs, comfy vibes and something new to try. Come any time after 6:15pm. I will probably be there until after 9pm. If you can't get there until 7:00pm it is not a big deal.

  • Boxing for Newbies: Low Intensity Fitness Workshop

    Beyond Boxing


    $20 cash for all physicall participants $15 cash at the door for spectators who want to learn and watch from the sidelines, but not physically participate. Come say HI and learn something! NO YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD, YOUNG, FAT, WEAK, UNCOORDINATED or SLOW to try a real boxing lesson :) This boxing workshop doesn't sound like it is for newbies, BUT IT IS! It is also an addictive format for experienced students, as they get to see themselves improve inside the ring, at an alarming rate. I tailor the output to each person's abilities. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY LOW INTENSITY? This is not a non-stop high-intensity fitness class. This is for all of the women out there who would like to learn how to move like a real boxer and learn the technical side of punching, footwork and ring strategies, without wondering if they will be able to physically keep up. We can do this without making it a crazy punishing workout. This format is for everyone! I have done this with 75-year-old men with health concerns. However, you will get sweaty during our one-minute drills and you will be using your whole body during movements.. NO FACE-SMASHING involved, because nobody is punching you. You simply experience a few practical lessons, learn a simple mental strategy in the ring, and you move around the ring with me, following my instructions, adjusting as we go. you punch the focus mitts that I am holding, according to our strategy. It is like a dance! SMALL GROUP TRAINING (MAX 8 WOMEN) with no intimidation factor. CAN'T GET AWAY FROM YOUR KIDS? DM me about letting your older kids watch quietly from our bleachers in the studio. (Zero tolerance for children who can not stay glued to the bleacher area or the washrooms, as the studio is in no way safe for children to move around.) They also cannot require your attention during class besides the 5-minute washroom break when you can check on them. I figure this is better than nothing though :) SUITABLE FOR TEEN GIRLS TOO (I teach teens every week and have taught special classes to Burnaby North Secondary P.E. classes.) They learn fast! Bring your teen! WANT TO HANG OUT AND LEARN FROM THE SIDELINES but not participate? $15 to be a spectator and just sit and learn my tricks without physically participating. Some women like to see what is involved first, so this is your chance and you will learn a lot! HOW PHYSICALLY CHALLENGING IS THIS? There is definitely a physical component to this - drills will get your heart rate up and have you breathing hard, but there will be much standing and sitting for instruction portions and drills will only be one minute long between water breaks. Anyone can move around for a minute, right? There are no pushups, crunches or burpees. This is a technical lesson designed for people who are curious but also afraid that they might not be able to keep up with the action in a boxing fitness class. THE MENTAL CHALLENGE: by the end of class, no matter what level you are at, you will see what it feels like to move around the ring like a boxer. You will see the CHOREOGRAPHY side of boxing which is my personal favourite part of the sport. You will have to think, react and strategize in the ring (on a minimal level) while I guide you,) and you will feel proud of your abilities. WHAT IF I WANT A HARDER WORKOUT: I will happily bring up the intensity for any individuals who want it. Likewise, if you have learned boxing before, I will give you more to think about and make sure you get a challenge out of this. Also, anyone who wants to experience 3 x 2-minute rounds with me in the ring (I hold pads and you throw punches,) to simulate an amateur boxing match, We will do this at the end. I dare you! DEAR INTROVERTS: There is no partner work, so if you are an introvert, don't worry. there is no pressure to be a social butterfly. Come invest in yourself and see yourself shine!

  • YIN & JUICE PARTY: Comfy pants + pressed juice + 5-minute daily yoga flows

    The Flex Space - studio rental


    $20 advance purchase up to 9:00am on the event morning. $30 cash at the door. I have now set up Paypal Read the group discussion thread about obtaining a free ticket as an event helper if I need one. Main topic: 5-minute yoga flows for daily wellness at home! Bring a mat. Take the pressure off of yourself to sign up for fitness programs and packages, learn how to take your wellness into your own hands. I love MINIMALISM-centred approaches to health transformations! AS ALWAYS, NO DRESS-CODE. COME AS YOU ARE LADIES! Let's light some candles, put on some chill beats, hang out in comfy pants and rock our messy buns. I thought it would be useful for you ladies to learn about high-impact but simple wellness hacks from a busy female perspective. Friday evening we will be sitting down with a delightful yogi - Jessica Wild - who personally transformed her body and soul through Yoga. This is going to be a JUICY, inspiring NIGHT! Read a beautiful snippet of Jessica's story HERE https://www.instagram.com/p/BvW-64Lgz4z/ or find her post at @womynifest_jess on IG Let's try on the benefits of creating our own daily yoga practice - we will be discussing, and experiencing a 5-minute routine and a lesson in sitting postures and routines which you can do in your PJs at home. TIME: Come as early as 6:30 to get settled and acquainted. Try to arrive for casual introductions that begin at 7:00pm. There will be wellness-relevant gifts for everyone. After 8:30pm we will be hanging out and blabbing so you can adjust how long you stay if you have late evening plans. I will not be offended if you can't stay late. You do not have to help clean up. What to bring/expect: ***find this in the discussion thread. Bring a yoga mat (DM if you don't have one) ________________________________________________________ YIN noun (in Chinese philosophy) the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold. ________________________________________________________ FOOD: More details about the pressed juice and refreshments coming soon, once my upcoming meetup event on Wednesday has passed. DM with your desired health and fitness concerns/questions. I am organizing vegan-friendly options to account for all possible diet restrictions. I like to offer expert insight and tips at these gatherings, but also, I want us to get to know each other and see some legit friendships form - we have many women who are new to the city and hoping for meaningful connections with other cool chicks. Thus, I do not intend to pack the whole evening with educational talks while you sit still and listen quietly. (BOOOORING). This will be a balance of playful engagement and a useful, game-changing discussion. With my experiences, I have noticed if you throw a bunch of women in a room and let them talk, they start connecting on a very personal level. DEAR INTROVERTS: If you are introverted or are shy... or just feel drained after work and won't be feeling super social at the hangout event... just DM me. I've got your back. WHAT IS YIN and JUICE: The Yin and Juice series events will each have a specific female-centred wellness focus such as fitness/movement, nutritional hacks, stress management etc. As a competitive athlete, business owner, person with a chronic illness and woman approaching 40, I have a lot of practical, gangsta insight to share. Sometimes I will lead discussions and sometimes I hire an expert. I call this concept GANGSTA WELLNESS because not everyone has space for a cold-turkey health transformation or program. Let's talk about the easier, high-impact hacks we can do to feel on top of our wellness game despite what is going on in our lives. (I am not selling any health products or programs. For me, health/fitness is all personal. PHOTOGRAPHY: Privacy respected - I NEVER post images or videos with faces shown unless I have permission first.

  • Comfy Pants & Personal Development. Let's Hang Out!

    5544 Hastings St


    NO DRESS CODE women's hangout where casual, friendly and passionate people chill out together and learn something new. The first 30 minutes of my events are intended for settling in, chatting and dealing with parking and introducing ourselves. PAYMENT: For payment you can just bring $20 cash. There is a bank machine across the street at a convenience store if you forget to bring it. PARKING: The parking lot will likely be full until 7:30. There is residential neighbourhood parking on the side streets . LOCATION SPONSOR: THE FLEX SPACE @ Beyond Boxing (a multi-purpose movement studio and gathering space with its own entrance, behind the boxing studio. www.instagram.com/burnabyflexspace PRIZE SPONSOR: SWEETLEGS ! This is a nobrainer partnership - it's a COMFY PANTS brand duh lo. I recently attended a big women's event and two of my friends bought Sweetlegs leggings at their vendor booth. That was enough to sell me on the brand. Thank you Hilary for sponsoring a FREE PAIR as a prize! Maybe this should go to whomever has the guts to wear their nastiest, baggiest, old saggy boyfriend joggers to this event lol. https://www.instagram.com/sweetlegshilary/ PRIZE SPONSOR: GRANOLA GIRL - CHeck out www.thegranolagirl.ca - thanks April! REFRESHMENT SPONSOR: UNITEA will be hanging with us! Unitea strives to unify people around the world, and especially in mind, body & spirit. Check out www.unitea.love :) More sponsors announced soon. The backstory behind this particular event and speaker... I (Mindy the Meetup Organizer) attended a 2-day workshop about 8 years ago where I was taught how to discover my gifts, separate them from talents and skills, and apply an actionable formula for using them to live on purpose. I have to say, I can respect WOO WOO approaches to goal-setting and life design, but this practical lesson was not WOO WOO by any means. It was logic-based and it changed the course of my life. It provided me with a tool for staying aligned in my personal life as much as my professional life. I think of the concepts nearly every day as I navigate ADULTING. (Ew adulting! LOL!) Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago... I have attended many gatherings and events sponsored by Granola Girl but I have never met the founder April Bellia. (This is crazy because we have oodles of overlapping friends.) Two weeks ago we connected on Instagram when she invited me to a personal development gathering, and coincidentally (or perhaps not) her talk was based on the same Sacred Gifts workshop that changed my life. She has become a Certified Guide in these teachings and now coaches women on the concept of FEELING ON PURPOSE. I'm thrilled that she agreed to share her formulas with my Women's meetup group where we can lounge around in comfy pants, experience some warm n' fuzzies and leave with a significant mind-shift. I have been telling friends about the original workshop for years but, those events occur infrequently and are two-day commitments. This is a treat, being able to sit down with a Guide on our own time. What I love about these teachings is that they are not heavy or complicated but they have crazy impact. Feel free to message me with questions! See you soon! PS: aside from the visual arts gift that I was born with and already aware of since childhood, the sacred gifts I discovered in myself are Encouragement, Vision and Administration. One was obvious to me once I learned more about it. The other two of these shocked me, yet for the last 8 years since discovering them at the workshop, they have shown up in my life weekly.

  • WOMEN'S BOXING: So, you've always wondered what it's like to try BOXING...

    Location visible to members

    FREE for the LADIES: this is a real, technical boxing lesson for all ages and body types. Following a tutorial covering all of the boxing hits in proper form, there will be a super sweaty interval boxing workout (hitting heavy bags for 2-minute rounds) to follow. You control your intensity. This form of activity can be extremely challenging and intense but it can easily be modified and members will be encouraged to take as many breaks as they need. ANYONE can try this. This is a judge-free zone and like all my meetups, this is not an image contest so messy hair is always welcome and no you don't need to look like like an athlete. I happen to run another meetup that's co-ed, for cost-free and intimidation-free fitness exploration. This enhanced boxing class/tutorial for beginners is a favourite that I have been doing for a couple of years, so I decided to bring it to this women's group. There will be various fitness workouts scheduled in this women's events group throughout the year, but keep your eye on the calendar for some upcoming business-related learning sessions and self improvement sessions. I'm serious when I say there is a yoga pants/sweat pants dress code even for business sessions. Really you can wear what you like, but I'm encouraging everyone to wear their comfiest outfit and whatever makes them feel like their true self. *I digress* I can't believe I am finally scheduling some meetup dates! Thanks for your patience. I have been sick with the flu and bronchitis since November and am finally able to push forward with more events. There are only 12 spots for this class in this small boxing studio. PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU ARE CERTAIN you can make it, thank you. Larger facilities will be booked in the future for bigger meetups. I will likely schedule another women's intro to boxing class in February, but if this on fills up fast, check out my co-ed free fitness group. What to expect at the boxing club This will be a 1.25-hour class to allow for technical instruction, going over the basic boxing hits, plus allowing for questions and time to stretch.. 20 minutes instruction: This portion is a light activity where you may get slightly out of breath when it is your turn to throw punches with an instructor who will be holding hand pads but otherwise not much activity is taking place. 10 minutes warm up: Your choice - jump rope or shadow boxing practicing the punches you just learned in front of a mirror to loosen up your muscles. 30 minutes interval boxing drills: you will be hitting punching bags for 2-minute intervals as an instructor calls out punching combos of the hits you learned in the beginning of class. this allows you to memorize the hits as you are repeating them over and over for 2 minutes at a time. usually there is a one-minute break between each 2 minute drill interval. Fun Fact - boxing training is usually performed in intervals to simulate fighting rounds in an actual boxing match. There will also be general exercise intervals with crunches, lunges, pushups etc. 15 minutes stretching and social time: To allow for time to answer questions, and properly stretch or for those who wish to change clothes after. All levels can keep up in this format of a class. When you get tired you can modify your intensity and hit the bag lighter and focus on technique, or choose to hit light and fast... you will be shown how to modify your intensity so you don't over do it. Almost everyone, no matter how fit they are to begin with, finds this type of exercise to be challenging so everyone will feel like a beginner. In my experience each person discovers that they are good at certain aspects and struggle with certain aspects. We are all different and abilities won't be judged or compared. Message me with questions. Thanks for joining. All of my meetups will come with a thorough description of what you can expect. For fitness events, my goal is to make sure people don't feel intimidated and don't feel apprehensive about their fitness level in relation to the activities. All meetups will bring the opportunity for full intensity super sweaty training, but formats will allow you to control your output based on your abilities, and comfort level.

  • [Women's Event] SHETALKS Health & Fitness: Women's Speaker Series (buffet lunch)

    Elements Casino and Events Centre

    This is not a sweat pants event... this is probably business casual or whatever you would wear to a banquet style soeaker series hosted by a third party. 16 Health and Fitness Industry Leaders share 8-minute raw and real stories to inspire! Tickets include continental breakfast and a buffet lunch. There will be key vendors there and quality like-minded women to network with. .. Early bird pricing ends December 15th! $40 including breakfast & lunch ($30 for students). Visit http://www.shetalks.life to register online before it sells out. . I (Mindy the Meetup coordinator) am not making any commissions for posting this event. I am one of the featured speakers and thrilled to be a part of this unique experience. Hope to see you there. .