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We are a Berlin based international collective of purpose driven Change Agents.

Driven by the Vision of building community and trust through tansformative processes and collaborative governance, we are bringing together areas of organizational development, project guidance and lifelong creative learning to support purpose driven teams and organizations in setting their transformative powers free. We do so by providing facilitation, coaching and consulting regarding:

Vision & Purpose

Community Building

Collective Ownership

Collaborative Leadership

Organisational Development

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Social Presencing Theater Berlin – Fall 2020 Practice Sessions

Somatic Academy Berlin

A series of 3 x 3,5 hours of Social Presencing Theater practice in a 150sqm room at Somatische Akademie Berlin in Okt, Nov, Dec once/month. The art form and social technology Social Presencing Theater (SPT) brings together embodiment and mindfulness with group intelligence, systemic / social change with creative expression. SPT expands perception to a social fabric by directing our consciousness from action to the body and its deep knowledge. The purpose of the Practice Session is to bring a group together that wants to learn and practice SPT and at the same time go deeper with it. It’s focussed on presencing and embodiment practice. We orient around the specific learning interest of people who have practiced with us before and invite newcomers to follow us. During the 3 sessions we are practicing the following basic forms of SPT: 20 min Dance, the Village, Stuck Dance, Field Dance, 4D Mapping and Variations/Innovations. The sessions can only be booked as a complete package, because we form a group container and want to get more and more into the common practice over the course of the 3 sessions. More about SPT: https://www.presencing.org/aboutus/spt For whom is this? For people with a systemic view on social change, who are open to experiments and self-exploration and for whom embodiment is not a new concept. You do not need to have any previous experience in SPT. You do not need to have any previous experience in SPT at all, experienced practitioners we'll be orienting you. We want to create an inclusive space. We are welcoming people with different look and different opinions, and expect from everyone to maintain mutual respect. Language: English/German Dates: 13th of Oktober, 13:45-17:15 Uhr 10th of November, 13:45-17:15 Uhr 15th of Dezember, 13:45-17:15 Uhr Address: Somatische Akademie Berlin, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30 Berlin-Kreuzberg www.somatische-akademie.de Financial contribution: 120,- Euro regular for all 3 sessions 90,- Euro reduced for all 3 sessions incl. taxes & fees. If you cannot participate for financial reasons, please contact us and we will find a solution together. Booking via Eventbrite: https://social-presencing-theater-berlin_fall2020-practice.eventbrite.com Note on Covid-19 This event takes place in a 150 square meter room in respect of the hygiene regulations. This means, among other things, that we wear masks in the corridor and sanitary area, but not in the practice room, and we keep our distance or/and keep windows open if possible. More information here. If the event does not take place due to legal lock-down, the event will be cancelled and the participation fee will be refunded. Please bring: A notebook and pen Comfortable clothing in layers - stay warm/cool! For your own care a bottle of water/tea and maybe a snack A mouth-nose cover A blanket for sure and maybe something extra to sit on Co-Facilitation: _Manuela Bosch is a facilitator and guide for transformational experiences in groups, organizations and individuals. She works with various unconventional techniques that include body, consciousness and nature. Since 2015 she has been practicing SPT. She has been part of the SPT Advance Training Program in Rosendale NY from 2016 to 2017. www.manuelabosch.de _Karolina Iwa is a visual facilitator, supporting groups & systems in transformative journeys. She co-founded the Leadership Festival, a global effort supporting people and groups in acting from their leadership capacity and collectively exploring being a heart-driven transformative community of practice. www.karolinaiwa.com

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