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WeWork Pacific Design Center - Red Building

750 N San Vicente Blvd Ste 800 West · Los Angeles

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WeWork is in the sky lobby of the red building at the Pacific Design Center (elevator button SL). We'll be in meeting room 7C.

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Sustainable variety? What’s that?

I think sustainable variety is what makes people feel alive, excited, vital and engaged. I think it’s one of the things that makes life enjoyable. You could say it’s variety that continues and grows. It’s variety that doesn’t become static, yet also isn’t so great it becomes chaotic. In many ways, it’s what nature does.

Sustainable variety and proximity thinking …

I don’t think sustainable variety just accidentally happens, at least on a consistent basis. I do think there are things we can do to increase our chances of it. I’ve started some projects that provide options for creating and spreading sustainable variety. Each of these projects relates in some way to the proximity thinking (ProxThink) framework I created. To read more about sustainable variety and related projects, check out https://loughry.com.

Pursuing Sustainable Variety

I also run a Meetup group related to proximity thinking, called Proximity Thinkers LA. I’ve started a monthly meetup there called “More Lively Proximities — Help Each Other Session.” Members can help each other in five ProxThink-related areas, one of which is about sustainable variety. Those who are pursuing sustainable variety can help others who are new to it or who want to learn more. I’ll be helping as well, especially in the beginning until more people can. Learning more about proximity thinking will also help you get more out of the other related projects for creating and spreading sustainable variety.

Location, Parking, Check-in

WeWork is in the sky lobby of the red building at the Pacific Design Center (elevator button SL). We'll be in meeting room 7C. When you arrive at WeWork, check-in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk, as a guest of Marian Terenzio. Bring a photo ID. There is metered street parking. If you park on the street or arrive via public transit, make sure you enter the red building, as the green and blue buildings might be locked. More about onsite parking (max $10 after 4 pm) and how to get there, can be found at this WeWork page.

How to RSVP

You can RSVP either here within the Variety People group, or you can also become a member of Proximity Thinkers LA and RSVP there. It’s up to you. If you RSVP here, I’ll include you as my guests on the Proximity Thinkers LA meetup, so that attendee count will be accurate. You can read more about the upcoming “More Lively Proximities — Help Each Other Session” here: https://www.meetup.com/ProxThinkersLA/events/nwbdxpyxkbjc/.

If RSVPing here, see full details at link below ...

Meetup has limits on how much text I can put here. So, if you’re RSVPing here within our Variety People group (rather than via the Proximity Thinkers LA group as mentioned above), for the rest of the details about this meetup, you'll need to check this link (same link as in previous section): https://www.meetup.com/ProxThinkersLA/events/nwbdxpyxkbjc/.

Can’t make it this month? It's a regular thing!

This is a monthly meetup. I hope to move the location in some months to other spots around the Los Angeles area. I'm also available to host it at your organization, building, event, etc.

I hope you'll join us!

—David Loughry

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