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It is with great excitement that we invite you to ECSTATIC DANCE VAUGHAN by Soul Movement! Our intention for these events is to create a space in the Northern suburbs of Toronto where Community can come together and co-create in harmony a space of Healing, a space of Self-Expression through Dance, Yoga, Meditation and Sacred Ceremonies; a safe space free of judgement where we are all united as a soul family beyond the divisions of age, gender, class, creed or status.

Ecstatic Dance – or free form dance – is an invigorating mind body practice of uncensored spontaneous movement for people just like you who love to dance when no one’s watching. Just think of it as rockin’ out to your favorite tunes at home, only So. Much. More. Imagine recess – grownup style – as a group of friends drop inhibitions and let loose; animating the room into a dynamic and interactive playground engendering total freedom of expression. Going through the wave of movement and feelings of catharsis and release together generates a unifying experience for participants akin to tribe. People bond easily and effortlessly. Many newcomers find this to be their first authentic place of belonging in town.

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Our Place

Ecstatic Dance Vaughan by Soul Movement

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