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Växjö function programming group is a group for people with interest in functional programming principles and practice. We welcome all functional programming languages and people, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. The goal is to learn, share, and inspire. We can go further together.

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WLS nr 4, Developer Ergonomics with VS Code, Clojure and ClojureScript

* Wexio Lambda Session nr 4

We are happy to announce the fourth Wexio Lambda Session. A meetup about functional programming, lisp and everything around it!

* About this session

Peter Strömberg, aka PEZ, is the product owner who discovered Clojure, and then couldn't drop it. He switched careers to become a Clojure and ClojureScript programmer. As a side effect of his newfound passion he also created Calva, a Clojure extension for Visual Studio Code.

Peter will shortly talk about what he thinks make Clojure and ClojureScript extra nice from an ergonomics perspective, and how Calva leverages this in the developer friendly environment that is VS Code.

Then the presentation will morph into a combined interactive live coding and Q&A session, where Peter, the Clojure-REPL and the audience together investigate Clojure, and ask and answer questions. If time allows and/or there is enough interest, we will check out just how ergonomic mobile app development can get if you use ClojureScript.

* About Wexio Lambda Sessions

Wexio Lambda Sessions is realized with help and support from Fortnox. WLS is a place to talk, learn and share your passion for computer science and software development. The focus is around functional programming but is not strictly bound to that. The events will be held a number of times a year and each event will contain a specific topic. If you have topic suggestions or would like to hold an event we are very open to suggestions!

Please sign up so we can plan ahead and make the best out of this session!

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(eval '(fn [] "See you soon!"))

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Wexio Lambda Session nr 3, Out of the tar pit

Online event

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