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Want to eat more plants and fewer animals? We'll show you how!

Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you fed up with supporting factory farming? Would you like to get healthier?

There are many good reasons to choose a more plant-based diet, but no matter what your motivation, VegHeads of SWFL is a place you can learn all about plant-based eating and have a darn good (and delicious) time doing it!

Most of our gatherings are all about food; we go to restaurants, host potlucks, and share favorite recipes and tips. But from time to time we also host events, presentations, discussions, and film screenings that address related topics, such as how our diet impacts animal welfare, the environment, our health, and matters of social justice .

It’s hard to talk about food without also touching on culture, socioeconomics, morality, law, spirituality, politics, etc. We recognize that the relationships between these issues and dietary choice can sometimes be controversial, and that controversial topics can stir a lot of passion. But controversial topics can also create spaces for learning and growth, so we don’t shy away from debate. Just as importantly, we welcome a diversity of viewpoints among our members. We only ask that everyone abide by the “Golden Rule”: treat others with the same respect and compassion you would like them to extend towards you.

The organizers of VegHeads adopted plant-based diets for a variety of reasons, but we all agree that a perfectionist, zero-defects approach towards others can be counterproductive. We are here to help, not hector or harangue.

We recognize that modern life can involve a lot of complex, conflicting demands, and that growth and change often occurs in stages. Setbacks happen to all of us. None of us is perfect. Everyone’s path is unique and it’s not our place or our goal to dictate what others should think or do. In short, we are not here to critique anyone. VegHeads strives to be a community that welcomes and encourages all who desire to eat more plant-derived foods and fewer animal products.

In keeping with our mission to promote plant-based eating, all our events feature 100% plant foods – no meat, dairy, or egg products. If you find cooking without animal products intimidating, don’t worry, we are here to help! Its not nearly as complicated as you think! Many of us have been herbivores for a bunch of years already and we’ve learned a lot that we’re eager to share with you. And we know there are lots of prospective VegHeads out there who also have a lot to share! We definitely want to hear from you!

VegHeads is not a commercial entity and its members do not market or sell goods or services at our events or on this site. The only exception is that we offer VegHeads merchandise through Spreadshirt.com; however, any profits from these sales go directly towards offsetting the monthly fees that Meetup.com charges to host this site.

Come join us in our joyful celebration of life and food! Together we’ll explore more nourishing ways of relating to our food, our bodies, the environment, and to all the precious beings who share this planet with us.

Looking forward to meeting you!



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