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Welcome to the Vegan ...and almost Vegan Meetup Group....

No matter if you are Vegan, vegetarian or interested in starting your journey to a healthy meatless life.... you are welcome to join us.

The intent of this Group is to meet other like-minded people who share the Love of Animals, and a Healthy Lifestyle to enjoy some Vegan bonding thru Dinners , Potlucks , Game nights , Movies , Bowling , Hiking , Traveling , Volunteering , Festivals , Sporting Events , Holiday Events like Christmas White Elephant Exchange and other Fun gatherings!

Every member is respected as someone who is either Vegan... or on the road to "becoming" a Vegan... And with that in mind... please understand this IS a Vegan Meetup, intended for Vegans and those trying to "become" Vegan, so even thou vegetarians are welcome to join, our meals, events and topics will be Vegan geared... Which means... No animal meat or products, also "No dairy or egg products" are to be brought to events such as Potlucks... Nor anything else that would be considered animal exploitation ...

(please, refer to... How to organize a nice vegan-friendly meet up).

We organize Vegan friendly events which may include:

- Having Both Vegan and Raw Food potlucks!

- Organizing exciting trips both in state and out of state ...

- Having Dinner together at tasty vegan / vegetarian restaurants

- Participating in vegan social activities such as festivals, lectures, exhibitions and cooking classes

- Exchanging recipes and any veg-related info

- Having Holiday Meals like Thanksgiving with others who share our Vegan lifestyle

- And of course Volunteering to bring awareness to animal rights thru various venues

And you may always propose something new!

So, if you are from an animal rights organization and would like to invite our members for your actions, you will find our support here :)

Now, enough of my Blah Blah Blah.... Lets Meetup Vegans ! ~Crystaline

Documentaries and Websites:





Food Matters





Plan Eat

Healing Cancer From Inside Out




Vegan Health & Fitness


My Beef With Meat

The China Study

The Starch Solution

Engine 2 Diet

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

How Not To Die (Audio book also)


Happycow.net (Worldwide Vegan Restaurant Finder)


What Fat Vegans Eat (Daily Recipes with Photos) ... On Facebook

The Vegan Zombie (on YouTube)

Miyoko's Vegan Cheese (YouTube)


Nutritionfacts.org ("e" Newsletter & education Free videos) Dr. Michael Greger

PCRM.org (Dr. Neal Barnard & Physicians for Responsible Medicine)




Thugkitchen.com (Recipes)

FatFreeVegan.com (Recipes)

Phoenix Valley Restaurants:

Green (Tempe & Phoenix)


The Coronado

Pomegranate Cafe

24 Carrots

Fresh Mint

Loving Hut

Pita Jungle (vegan friendly)

Veggie Village

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Since i travel between Arizona and Las Vegas every month i will be Scheduling Meetups for Both Locations... So whether you're from Arizona ... or my home state of Vegas, Please feel free to Join our Multi-State Vegan Group! For Vegas residents, you will enjoy trips to arizona to attend live Major League sporting events that just isn't available in Vegas ... among other outings And for Arizona residents, you will enjoy.... Well, its VEGAS! What more convincing do you need? :) When you RSVP "YES" you will basically be Voting... After RSVPing a Question will pop up that says... Which State are you more likely to attend..... or prefer to attend?.... or do you like the option of attending Vegan potlucks and Random Events in BOTH states ? Whatever state i see with more RSVP "Yes" ... Will likely be where i will lean more towards planning the bulk of future events ... Also... if you're interested in Hosting an event in either state, please comment below, and i'll see about making you an event organizer!

Sonoma Wine Country VEGFEST ~ Fall 2017!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Join us August 2017 for "VegFest" in Sonoma Wine Country near San Francisco! Exact date and Location to be announced... But here are some highlights from the 2016 event.... Which included .... Outdoor and indoor Vender Booths Vegan Cooking Demos Film Showings and Speaker presentators With both indoor and outdoor booths... Outdoor Booths Enjoy Great Vegan Eats with New Vegan Friends Attend one of several Vegan Cooking Demonstrations at VegFest Attend one of several Vegan Speaker presentations Attend one of several Film Showings, this one was "CowSpiracy" Spend some time at the outdoor Craft Booths Try Something Yummy! Try lots of something Yummies .... Learn Something new.... Buy Vegan made crafts And most of All.... Have Fun! Details to come.... Please check back often

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