What we're about

Our goal is simple but not simplistic by any means:
Persuading consumers to abandon animal-derived products as far as is reasonably practicable.

Whether you’ve been a vegan your whole life or are interested in starting your journey towards a reconnection with our oppressed sisters and brothers, let’s assimilate and vegucate for all living beings, our health and our beautiful planet 🌍🐮🌏🌱🌎

During these bizarre times, it is even more important to highlight how destructive interference with our environment has led us to our current living conditions. We will always discuss future meetings and try as best as we can to stay safe whilst partaking in public education and animal activism, from an ethics, climate emergency and health points of view. Where outdoor activities cannot take place for whatever reason, online meetings via Zoom, Wire or FaceTime will be arranged.

All meetings and activities are free and always will be. If desired, I can record our meeting sessions (pending everybody’s permission) and share with the whole group 🎥👌

What you can expect from me and what you should expect of others:

Whether meeting online or in person, I will always keep you informed well in advance of any changes or cancellations. Most importantly, all our sessions are about listening, learning and sharing. That is the only way through the current situation and, indeed, it is the only way to truly win others over.

Empathy and compassion is an absolute must for we are nothing but another animal ourselves.

For this very reason, if there are any instances of abuse, hate speech or anything else deemed to be distasteful or disrespectful then please raise it with me and things will always be dealt with fairly and promptly.

Welcome to what I know will be an extraordinary family of activists, creators and educators.


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Seaspiracy: Reaction & Discussion

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Seaspiracy: Reaction & Discussion

Needs a location

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