What we're about

Hello there :)

We are Vegan Outreach LDN!

This is a kind, informal and friendly group to help you go vegan and stay vegan through education, compassion and support. Note - we welcome those who are struggling with their vegan journey too!!!

We are here for:

1) the vegan curious
You might be very interested in veganism and keen to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but not sure where to start... and so haven't quite embarked on your vegan journey yet.
This group is about education on veganism as a lifestyle (including the diet!). Feel free to ask questions, pose your personal dilemmas and get advice from our supportive group!

2) people struggling to stay on the wagon :
Have you transitioned to veganism, but find you're slipping up, on the cusp of slipping up, or just struggling through? Does it all feel a bit too much? Do you feel like you can't tell anyone about your struggles? We are here for you and have your back :)

3) people who want to help support new vegans/vegan curious :)
You might have great advice to go vegan and stay vegan. Perhaps you're the type of person that is great at helping support and mentor others. Feel free to come along!


Questions you may have asked yourself:

"What is veganism all about? I'd like to learn more"

"I've just gone vegan and I'm finding it so hard to continue! I'm going to turn back to my previous diet/lifestyle, because I just don't know what to do"

"I hear so much conflicting information about whether veganism is good or bad for our health and the environment - who am I supposed to listen to?"

"I want to learn more about the animals and the victims of the meat and dairy industry"

Does any of this sound like you??


Changing old habits, regardless of what these habits are, lie in education, increasing our awareness and having the space to ask questions as we grow and change. Having a support circle and people to encourage you on your journey is an important part of this process. And remember - we all have the ability to grow and change for the better!!

Our goal is to create a supportive meet-up atmosphere for everybody who attends, so they can go vegan and stay vegan!!


At the events, we will:

1) have a supportive open forum to encourage everybody to ask questions (without any judgement), which we will do our very best to answer in an encouraging and supportive way :)
2) discuss any myths about a vegan lifestyle and also the vegan diet
3) provide factsheets and resources
4) keep you focused on the goal and help you on your journey (no matter how long it takes)!


If this all sounds like just what you need - feel free to join and attend one of our meet-ups!

With love and compassion,

CJ xx

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