What we're about

Hello and Welcome to Vegan Social Events & Open Mic
Formerly "Vegan Dinner and Open Mic" started by Dr. David Madow

To provide a positive, upbeat atmosphere where everyone can enjoy good food, friendly company, and fun times! We want everyone to associate going vegan with joy, fun, and friendship.


(a) Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of diet, whether nonvegan, vegetarian, carnist, omnivore, pescatarian, or any combination. We LOVE to have people of all lifestyles join these events. No pressure, ever. No one judges. If they do, we throw spaghetti at them and lock them out of the room (only kidding).

(b) This group is not about trying to force others to change, regardless of the reason.

(c) As a group featuring vegan events, there will be a lot of vegans in the group. Living vegan is something near and dear to our hearts, and we often express our enthusiasm when getting together.

(d) For some, living vegan is also being an animal rights activist. As an open, welcoming group with an open mic, animal rights messages are most welcome as long as the expressions remain purely positive, loving, and uplifting. Any kinds of shaming, blaming, or anger are not welcomed here.

3. $3 ANNUAL GROUP MEMBERSHIP, Everyone needs to chip in.
When everyone chips in a few bucks, this helps cover costs associated with this Meetup group maintenance, since Meetup charges organizers a monthly/annual fee. There are also costs for individual event organizing and promotion. To contribute, please visit: https://secure.meetup.com/Baltimore-Climate-Save-Network/pay_dues/


(a) Anyone with questions or issues that arise are most welcome to contact the group organizer, Nancy.
Every effort will be made to respectfully resolve the issues.

(b) If you find this group format to be wrong or offensive, then this is not the group for you.

(c) Anyone directing negativity towards this group or group event organizers will be removed from the group.

Please be sure this is the right group for you before joining or staying.


(a) "A short time ago, fellow local vegan, national speaker, and podcast show host Dr. David Madow had an idea: to organize a little vegan buffet dinner at a local restaurant and invite some friends and acquaintances. After dinner, Dave would open the "mic" to anyone that wanted to tell a story, sing a song, tell a joke, do standup comedy, or anything that their imagination would allow!" By Dave Madow

(b) And the story continues, modified from Dave's original version by the new group organizer, Nancy Poznak: After the first fabulous dinner, people were asking Dave for ANOTHER dinner and open mic event. People were interested from far and wide, across states, rivers, and plains!

(c) These events kept getting better with great food, friendly people and really fun performances!

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