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optional theme: Miso!
Nothing adds delicious salty tangy flavors to soups, sauces, and salad dressings like everyone's favorite umami bomb, Miso!
Miso is a paste made of fermented soybeans (or barley or rice) that comes in different colors (the lighter the color, the more mild the flavor.) Because it is fermented, Miso is a great source of probiotics, aka "the good bacteria", so it aids in digestion. Find Miso in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Everyone is welcome; attendees don’t have to be vegan - but the food does.
Bring a 100% plant based dish. Delicious food, educational resources, and recipes are shared with those who care about their health, the planet, and most of all, the animals.

Paper plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and warming trays are provided, along with hot tea, coffee, and non-dairy cream.

Anywhere from 2-4 dozen people attend and there are usually several gluten-free and raw dishes offered, along with the inevitable… cupcakes!

For more information or cruelty-free recipes, join Live and Let Livingston on Facebook and Vegans Rock Montana on or call Bonnie Goodman at[masked] to be added to the monthly recipe email list.

• What to bring
Bring a friend, and a 100% plant-based dish, free of flesh, eggs, animal-derived dairy, honey, and gelatin (or bring a drink to share).
For the benefit of those with food allergies, please bring your recipe or a list of all ingredients used.

• Important to know
Everyone is welcome! You don't have to be vegan, but the food does.

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