What we're about

Anyone that knows us KNOWS for certain that we are staunch supporters of President Trump. However, one thing that you may not know about us is that we are vegans. Well, we actually prefer to say that we live a plant-based lifestyle. But yes, you can categorize us as vegans too. :)

Why start Vegans for Trump?

Because we got tired of seeing so much liberal crap against President Trump started by vegans plus the stereotype that all vegans are dirty, smelly, unemployed, hippie like - nothing against hippies :) - liberals really irritates us.

We are conservative business owners that take pride in our health, love plant-based food, and enjoy discussing politics over hearty vegan meals. Mangia!

So, here we are...

Vegans for Trump! We aren't here to fight about politics or Trump. We love America, our President, and good vegan food.

If that's you too, then join us for some fun, food, and fellowship!

John & Christie

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