What we're about

2016 brought with it a national emergency: the election of a would-be fascist U.S. president who openly speaks against and works against democracy and the rule of law.

And unfortunately, his election has sucked the oxygen out of what would have been the national discussion if we had elected a Democrat in 2016: With all the progress we as a nation have made to date, what common sense steps can we now as a society take to insure that the blessings of liberty, better education, opportunities for self-advancement, and economic and physical well-being, be made available for all?

But sadly, the urgent concerns that we SHOULD be addressing have now been PUT ON HOLD as we must confront a clownish, amoral child-man with an affinity for foreign dictators and their authoritarian ways, as well as -- hideously -- an affinity for home-grown white nationalists.

That is, while he's not making fun of the disabled by mimicking their movements.

That is, while he is not corroding the fabric of society, degrading our national discourse, and corrupting a generation of children, by normalizing his monstrous behavior.

We all know this: History -- momentous history -- is being written at this moment. Despite the depths to which this country has descended, we are optimistic about the outcome. And we believe a much better future is coming quickly.

But it is an "all hands on deck" moment. And we invite you to join us on deck.

Our Goals

This group is aiming high. We are looking to help elect a Democrat president in 2020. Whoever the Democratic Party nominee is in 2020, we will be supporting her. And we will be working to have Democrats re-take the U.S. Senate in 2020.

What Will The Group Be Doing?

To these ends, we will be "phone-banking" -- that is, telephoning into other states, using a script, and mostly speaking to Democrats in an effort to increase voter turnout. We will also take bus trips to neighboring states to work for the election of Democrats. (New York is considered a "blue" state that reliably votes for Democrats in presidential elections, so our efforts are best directed towards voters in other states. This is a common tactic and common practice for Democratic Party activists in New York.)

Why A Group Specifically For Vegetarians and Vegans?

For many reasons. Because we ARE vegetarians and vegans. Because we enjoy the company of vegetarians, whatever we do. Because there is the practical matter of eating: after our political activity, we will go out for a meal. What kind of meal at what kind of restaurant? ... Because we appreciate the conscious moral stance that veg people take, and while we are engaged in our thoughtful political activism, we enjoy being surrounded by people who are thoughtful not just about politics.

At This Turning Point In History

Come join us at this historic moment, and help us return sanity, decency, normalcy, morality, a respect for democratic norms and democracy itself, as well as compassion, and justice, to our country, and to the world.

Upcoming events (1)

First Vegan Dinner at Caravan of Dreams - Socializing, with Short Talk

Welcome to the first event, and first dinner, of Vegetarian and Vegan Democrats! We have national goals: to elect a Democrat president in 2020, and also to help the Democratic Party win enough Senate seats in the 2020 elections to take control of the U.S. Senate. But right now it is party time. :) There is not as much electoral work to do in 2019 -- the Democratic Party still has not chosen a candidate. And this meetup group is *not* going to get involved in the primary fight to determine who the Democratic candidate will be. But whoever becomes the Democratic Party Nominee for president, we will be supporting her in 2020! Even if politics is not especially your thing, we bet you are not a supporter of Donald Trump. He is a historically horrible president, dragging down the country and the world. We bet you just can't wait till he's no longer president. This is a no-strings-attached dinner. While we'd be delighted for you to work with us next year in defeating Trump, and maybe you'd be willing to work an evening or two (or more) next year to help us do that, for now we are not looking for any specific commitment. Tonight will just be 90% socializing, with a 10-15 minute talk from Allie Taylor and David Greene regarding our plans for next year. Tonight's Dinner There's a reason why Caravan of Dreams is so popular with both the general public and restaurant reviewers. The food is not only 100% vegan, and 100% organic, but in a world of increasingly processed vegan options, they really care about pushing the frontier in nutritional innovation as well as taste. They have numerous live dishes, and WHOLE ingredients! According to New York Magazine, "the kitchen has a knack for making simple flavors work in unexpected ways -- so the burrito doesn’t taste like the stir-fry with a whole-wheat tortilla around it. Mexican dishes, like the tempeh burrito, marinated-tofu quesadilla, and the addictive nacho starter are made with vegan sour cream; the lack of dairy grease makes the sweetness and tang of homemade guacamole and salsa pop. Salads are huge, and range from standard greens to sea vegetables to tropical fruits and nuts." The New York Times rates Caravan of Dreams a Top Pick on their $25 & Under restaurant list, and writes "Caravan of Dreams is a health-food restaurant with brick walls, colorful hangings, a low ceiling and a jazz pianist. Local organic products prevail on the menu, and what comes out of the kitchen is a colorful array of flavorful preparations. Nachos, made with fresh, organic corn chips, spicy salsa and black beans are wonderful, better than at most Mexican restaurants. And hummus is rich, moist and flavorful, served with warm triangles of flat bread." Caravan of Dreams site: http://caravanofdreams.net So join us for a night of healthy, flavorful food, and great conversation with friendly people. It will be easy to find our group: just walk to the back of the restaurant, we will have the entire back room. Everyone gets individual checks, with tax and tip included. Easy! Train Directions: Take the F Train to 2nd Avenue (exit the station via the 1st Avenue exit), or the 6 Train to Astor Place. Thank you for attending tonight. Whatever your level of interest in politics, we look forward to welcoming you for a delicious dinner. And, we just can't wait till Trump is defeated in 2020, and a Democrat is elected president. Allie Taylor and David Greene

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