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Bangalore's best place to eat!

Our Vegetarian Eatup Group of Bangalore is BY FAR India's most popular(largest) Vegetarian Eatup(Meetup) community!

Galoreous Vegetarians are defined as delightful, wonderful, completely enjoyable and in abundance!

Join and help us "paint the town VEG!"

Lets get together to enjoy the best foods and live the best lifestyles Bangalore has to offer!

Vegetarianism is the practice of enjoying the best (most mindful & responsible) lifestyles, and eating the best foods; thus abstaining from the consumption of animal foods (meats. poultry, insects and seafood, etc.) It may also include abstention from the by-products of animal slaughter, such as animal-derived rennet , royal jelly, gelatin, leathers/furs/animal-skins or non-organic (unnatural) agricultural products (coming from chemical pesticides use)...etc...

Vegetarianism is preferred for countless reasons...

Let's gather together to promote and celebrate Vegetarianism! Please bring your creativity, ideas energy & enthusiasm, and don't forget to bring your friends...

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