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Let's pick a few parks in multiple locations and have a outdoor veggie potluck once a month during the Spring and Summer months.

Cochran Shoals

3850 Columns Drive SE · Marietta, Ge


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VEGGIE KIDS - ("KIDS & FAMILIES SAVING THE PLANET." - Uniting and Inspiring Eco-Conscious, Organic, Holistic, Vegan & Vegetarian Families & Friends.)

WELCOME to VEGGIE KIDS! Veggie Kids is a unique organization/social group dedicated to supporting vegan and vegetarian families and is open to all who have an appreciation of an earth-friendly, eco-conscious lifestyle. This group promotes a healthy, organic, vegan lifestyle, but is open to EVERYONE regardless of their dietary choices. We can all learn from each other! We welcome everyone including other like-minded conscious, holistic, multi-cultural, families in Atlanta & North Georgia. Our goals are to build positive support networks, make OFFLINE connections and help foster a better understanding of this lifestyle for those who are curious about it or unfamiliar with it.

ABOUT VEGGIE KIDS: Our members in North Georgia form an amazing group of CONSCIOUS FAMILIES & INDIVIDUALS including VEGANS, RAW FOOD VEGANS, VEGETARIANS and those interested in or curious about this lifestyle. We sincerely welcome all who would like to help or participate in this exciting venture. If you would like more information please contact the group moderator at or complete our INFO FORM (

OPPORTUNITIES: We are actively looking for VOLUNTEERS. As a volunteer you can MEET like-minded people and families who want to GIVE BACK to their community, SET a positive example of KINDNESS to others, LEARN new SKILLS, BECOME part of an INSPIRING group caring individuals and families. No Experience is required. Be part of an exciting & FUN new group devoted to Peace, Unity and Eco Conscious / Holistic Ideals. SIGN UP to be a VOLUNTEER. (

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Activity Organizers, Website Publishers/Writers, Bloggers, Publicity, Location Hosts, etc... INQUIRE HERE (

EVERYONE WELCOME: Not vegan or vegetarian? Not a problem! Everyone is welcome to participate in our meetups. This group promotes an organic, vegan lifestyle, but is open to EVERYONE regardless of their dietary choices. We can all learn from each other! Our group is multi-cultural, multi-faith and open to traditional and non-traditional families. GLBT friendly.

OUR WEBSITE: If you would like to help with the website ( please let us know.




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Veggie Kids is committed to uniting and inspiring eco-conscious, organic, holistic, vegan & vegetarian families & friends. Our goal is to get like-minded families to connect OFFLINE in person by planning exciting group activities, meetings, potluck dinners, workshops, classes, film screenings, play groups & more!

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VEGGIE KIDS SPONSORS: Peta Kids | Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine | Farm Sanctuary | Mercy For Animals (MFA) | Compassion Over Killing | The Vegetarian Resource Group | Vegan Outreach | Conscious Portraits Studios



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I'm David Trotter a photographer, father, conscious artist, raw food vegan, (and tree-hugger) from Venice Beach, CA. I recently moved to Georgia with my amazing son (Zayden) to be closer to my extended family who live in North Georgia. I'm always interested in meeting and networking conscious, holistic, eco-friendly individuals and businesses in and around Atlanta.

I'm still adjusting to living in Georgia. It is a beautiful state with so much to offer. But I have to admit I sometimes feel a little like a fish out of water. That's why I'm very interested in meeting and networking with new people and making some new friends. I started this group because I had been looking unsuccessfully for a group like this to attend with my son. I would very much like for him to be around and build friendships with other eco-conscious, animal-loving kids. I would really love to hear from you if you are interested in joining or helping out with this venture.


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