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Welcome to the Venezuelan Entrepreneurs in NYC group!

This group is founded and organized by Venezuelans. We will be holding events where you will brainstorm ideas with other group members, coordinate and work in impact projects. Also, as a settled/successful Venezuelan in NYC you will be invited as a panel speaker to share your experience, give tips, talk about your business or about your professional activities to other group members. Similarly, you will have the opportunity to hear from other group members about their personal journey in NYC. Interacting electronically and participating in each meetup you will have the chance to network with other great Venezuelans.

Therefore, If you migrated from Venezuela thanks to Chavez or Maduro; if you already settled in NYC or are in the difficult process of doing so; if you want to help your "paisanos" by sharing your knowledge, experience and contacts; if you want to help your "hermanos" "echar pa´lante", get productive and thrive in the city that never sleeps; if you want to hire talented, honest and hardworking Venezolanos; if you are looking for a partner; or if you just want to extend a hand to those who just landed in NYC like "paracaidistas" or to those that will arrive in the coming months when things get really nasty in Venezuela; this is the group for you!

As soon as the group reaches 50 members I will coordinate our first meetup with "reina pepiadas" to plan activities for the last 2018 trimester.

I am relatively new in town with a short list of great Venezuelan friends and family living in the city and greater NYC area, so I kindly ask from each one of you that if you have a Venezuelan "pana" in NYC, PLEASE invite him to join the group! To do so, just send him the text/link you will find below. Just copy and paste the text/link in your email, Whatsapp or social media accounts:

Hola _____, espero que estés muy bien. Te invito a unirte a este grupo donde yo también estoy participando "Venezuelan Entrepreneurs in NYC". Te pido que también invites a tus familiares, amigos y amigas que vivan en o cerca de NYC a que se incorporen a esta importante iniciativa. Para unirte al grupo solo dedes pinchar este link https://www.meetup.com/Venezuelan-Entrepreneurs-in-NYC/ (http://meetu.ps/c/411Lf/gF6Nb/f)

Everyone is welcome to join. However, if you are an "enchufado" or living "las mieles de un enchudafo", you are not invited nor welcome in this group; so please do not signup.

In advance, I thank you for your support and contribution.

Vamos a trabajar juntos para que los Venezolanos honestos y trabajadores que vivimos en esta maravillosa ciudad se ayuden entre si, se sientan, y duro.

Les doy a todos la bienvenida!

Marcel Imery

+1 561 6176980 (Whatsapp)

@nachoimery (Twitter)

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