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What we’re about

Have a good time and play some strategy board games including Catan, Love Letter, Terraforming Mars and others. Learn, teach and have fun.

We play modern strategy and euro board games that are growing in popularity everywhere. Board gaming is a social pursuit that can be enjoyed by all ages while promoting fun, social interaction, mental challenge with a dose of healthy competition.

You do not need to own any games to take part, group members bring their own games along for the group to play; this allows people to try many different games to find which ones they enjoy.

There are many different types of games that suit all people and their tastes; these range from short and fast multi-player games to longer, deeper games that require the players to develop strategies to win.

Newcomers are welcome, we will teach people the games and have a wide selection that are suitable for newcomers while still providing a fun and challenging experience.
Membership of the group is FREE, we do accept donations to cover the running costs of the group. Special events with food and drink etc may expect a donation to cover those additional costs, this will be clearly stated in the details of the event.

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