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September 2017, Harvard Business Review published an article called "The Comprehensive Case for Investing More VC Money in Women-Led Startups," which reported :

Only 8% of venture capital (VC) firms in the U.S. have female partners, and that lopsided gender composition may be hurting venture capital performance portfolios. The evidence suggests that having no female partners makes VC firms less likely to invest in female-founded or female-led firms. But what much of the VC world might not realize, is that female-led firms may have a higher rate of return on average than male-led firms.

So why then when so many qualified women who would like to venture into venture find it difficult to step into the industry. Why do female founders still experience challenges in raising funds ?

Let us ask an expert Women VC panel and try to understand the problem and solutions.

We plan to invite Women VCs from the following funds who have successfully ventured into venture and helped several companies including some founded by women. Stay tuned for Panelist details.

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