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What we’re about

Entrepreneurs in and around KC, join us for happy hour!
Welcome to the Venture Lounge!
Who are we?
The ECJC is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs to the resources they need to grow and scale. We operate the Mid-America Angels investment network, which has deployed over $16 million in private capital to support Kansas City's early-stage businesses since 2006. We syndicate many deals with other investor groups in the silicon prairie region and introduce entrepreneurs to resources such as the Kansas Angel Investor Tax Credit program, the Kansas Capital Multiplier Funds and other research grant opportunities.
If you have further questions, you can contact us by emailing Jenn at
Want to present your idea, get feedback, or find testers? Have an idea for an awesome entrepreneurial jam? We invite startup stimulation. Contact us to discuss.
Entrepreneurs are driven by a need to create something new or build something tangible under conditions of extreme uncertainty. They’re spontaneously creative, able and willing to make decisions from the gut, and generally risk-takers. Entrepreneurship is also largely about helping others achieve the goals they care about. Is that you? Are you a driven outsider, possessed of a unique genius, ready to take outrageous risks and work incomprehensible hours to beat the odds? Well then, we like you already. Welcome to the group!