What we're about

Calling All Fantasy Gamers, Artists and Writers! We look forward to meeting with you to discuss and explore gaming topics and techniques as applied to FRPG and TTG gaming within the Venturers of Airth gaming systems. We will host role playing and table top gaming sessions using current and pre-release scenarios and gaming materials and respond to questions on any aspect of the games or the world of Airth. At the meetings, we will offer assistance to Game Masters in creating their owns scenarios and running fast paced, exciting ventures while maintaining compatibility and consistency within the Airth environment.

FRPG or TTG, we will challenge your insatiable imagination and strategic resourcefulness. Airth is a rich, vibrant, uniquely magical world waiting to be explored, documented and captured artistically. Gamers will find limitless opportunities for exploration, fast-paced combat against hitherto undiscovered creatures and opportunities for vast treasure. Artists will visualize a vibrant world of beauty and power inhabited by wondrous creatures both natural and phantasmagorical; some benign and others lethal with numerous opportunities for artistic elucidation! Writers are needed to capture the exploits of the Venturers in FRPG and TTG scenarios for others to enjoy.

I am RJ Borton, the creator of the world of Airth, author of The Last Tale of T’Lar which depicts the birth of magic on Airth, and the originator of both Venturers of Airth® FRP and TT gaming systems. Meet with me to discuss the books, play the games and unearth the myriad of strategies hidden within.

We will be announcing meet ups in Bucks County, PA; Tampa, FL; Montgomery, AL; and Claymont, DE and areas close to these locations. Our goal is to meet with local gamers, game masters, artists and writers to assist and support them in establishing weekly local Venturer Guild gaming groups. Watch for us in these areas – or – invite us to yours. More information is available at: http://www.VenturersOfAirth.com