What we're about

vercel.com (http://zeit.co/) is making the cloud accessible to everyone, regardless of location or choice of tools.

• With Next.js (https://nextjs.org) they made it dead simple to create high-performance, production-grade React apps
• With Hyper (http://github.com/zeit/hyper), they created a blazingly fast web-based terminal anyone can use
• With Vercel Now (https://vercel.com/), they created the easiest platform to deploy any website or app

This Vercel Canada Community is a forum for users of Vercel tech in Canada. We gather to talk not just about ideas and technology from Vercel, but anything related to the web:

— Frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc
— Traditional data storage such as MongoDB, as well as non-traditional options such as Airtable
— Programming environments such as Node.js, PHP, Go, Python

If you would like to sponsor one of the meetups, please drop a message at er.adamski@gmail.com

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