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Vermont Game Developers is dedicated to bringing together local video game developers to socialize and collaborate. Each month we host a talk and a series of quick show-and-tells. Talks may be on a technology, a game in development, or an analysis of an existing game's design. Please suggest a talk! Show-and-tells have local developers to show off their current prototypes, observe reactions, and receive feedback. See what other local game developers are working on!

Game developers includes all individuals with skills or aspirations in game design, programming, animation, 3D modeling, music, sound design, story telling, voice acting, project management, or any other craft related to producing a video game. Game enthusiasts are also welcome.

Join the ongoing conversation on http://slack.vtgamedev.com .

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Introduction to Godot

Farrell Hall

Champlain Games Festival 2019

Champlain Valley Exposition

Pre-Champlain Games Festival Meetup

Farrell Hall

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