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This meetup is based on personal improvement.

There will be free events taking place this Summer of 2021 through this group.

Due to not enough interest in previous events there will be a change in construct. This group will be more of free events around Reducing Stress. Eg. Stress Reduction Guided Relaxations.

Q&A will be at the end of each session.

If there is greater interest in wanting to learn more about how to change with ease and education on this topic.

Please contact:

Michael van Soest

Conscious Harmonics



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Stress Reduction Guided Relaxation

Online event

Feel refreshed, nicely relaxed, and regenerated in under 60 minutes.
Join a 1-hour deep regenerative relaxation session.

What is this about?

Michael with Conscious Harmonics a C&R Clinical Hypnotherapist will be facilitating a Relaxing and Regenerating therapy session over zoom.

This will be a simple type of hypnotherapy session, similar to a guided meditation taking place for 1-hour.

Why Relaxation Therapy?

Studies have shown that 1 in 3 adults suffer from the effects of unmanaged stress. Many of us don’t even realize how stressed we actually are; often becoming accustomed to being tense, so we think of it as normal.

Stress built up a long period of time can reduce our ability to regenerate, which means less energy and tolerance to combat daily stress.

I personally know the effects of stress. I've gone through chronic stress and burnt out adrenals. I'm grateful to say I am now completely at ease while healthily motivated and inspired.

I chose to offer this types of simple sessions for free so people can experience the benefits. During my times through stress I know I would have benefitted greatly from this. Maybe others will as well.

What are the benefits?

- Improving concentration and mood
- Boosting confidence to handle problems
- Improving sleep quality as much as 80%.
- Reducing activity of stress hormones
- Reducing muscle tension, pain, headaches & migraines
- Increasing blood flow to the brain & major muscles
- Greatly lowering fatigue
- Help to restore and strengthen the immune system
- Lowering of blood pressure
- Stress relief and the lessening of chronic pain, tension
- Diminish any emotional upsets

About the Facilitator.

Michael van Soest has been studying the healing arts of consciousness since the year 2010.

While on my own personal journey, I’ve used hypnosis, personal development tools, and techniques to overcome my own depression, anxiety, smoking, eating and drinking habits. Most importantly I reversed my chronic stress & anxiety to a healthy level.

- Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Registered with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
- Stress Management Consultant
Registered with the International Association of Counselors & Therapists
- Self Published Author
- Public Speaker

For more information contact Michael van Soest at [masked]

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Encore: Top 3 ways to succeed at changing habits.

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