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Are you someone who shares the profound desire to live what they believe?.
Want to be a part of something that can change this world?
This Meetup is for people like you, people looking to create a community that represents their highest ideals and dreams. As a group we're going to have fun, get to know each other, and explore what a church community could and should be.

For most people, going to a church is a place of worship or a place to visit on a Sunday, but it can and should be so much more! What makes a great church? How do you create a place where people feel safe, trust, and having experience of something greater than themselves?
You don't have to be a Christian or have ever been to church to get into these questions, or maybe your someone who has been to a bunch of churches and just feel like something's missing, this is the place to talk about it.
Great churches can be a hallmark of humanity. We're going to explore how complicated and sophisticated a true church can be, and what makes a church a great church.
If you are Christian and beginning to ask questions and want to be a part of creating the church that always should have been, this is your meet up. We are tired of the senseless funding of building projects, lack of community and watered down discipleship.

Join us in that conversation over a good cup of coffee at Kave!!!

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Vibes: Exploring what it means to be a disciple

Kave Espresso Bar

Vibes: Who is Jesus? An exploration

Needs a location

Bring your experience, a pen and paper. We we be exploring discipleship by getting to know Jesus through the eyes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Meet new folks and grow together!

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