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As many have come to learn earlier this year Rick Scoot signed HB-21, the intention was to curb the Opioid Epidemic that is killing people in Florida. The result has been people who suffer from diagnosed medical conditions are adversely affected: losing their doctors, losing access to medication, or at a minimum facing increased stigma and bills associated with the 3-day and 7-day limits this law imposes, which in practice mean MORE CO-PAYS and more doctor visits.

Pets are also being affected, people who went to fill pets prescriptions in July learned that these to are affected. That the legislator is forcing Vets and Physicians to take on many times the patient load is going to be a problem.

WHO THIS GROUP IS FOR: Anyone who has been adversely affected by this ill-thought our legislation; spouses and family of its victims, and pet owners also. The point is to be both a support group for these Florida families as we deal with the hardship of overnight being seen as criminals by our local government simply for being in a family with someone who is ill.

NO Addicts
NO Heroine users
NO Doctor shoppers
NO Drug seekers

REPEAT, DRUG SEEKING BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THIS GROUP; it is enough of a problem that the ER and Tallahassee assume everyone adversely affected by this legislation is an addict. The point of this group is not to support addicts, but to organize the victims of this legislation so we can ultimately correct this horrid oversight by the Florida Legislators. Preferably before this law destroys the standard of living of these families this law seeks to criminalize simply for suffering from a medical condition they seek to have managed properly by a licensed physician.

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