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Our group was started in 2013 and has over 600 members. That makes us the oldest and largest meetup group in Victoria, BC for people interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Whether you are just curious or already a Bitcoin veteran, join us as we discuss various aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum, other altcoins and alternative currencies, do some in-person trading, marvel at recent developments and ultimately enjoy the wild ride cryptocurrencies are taking us on. We have classes for newcomers to learn more about cryptocurrencies and opportunities for more experienced members to collaborate in various crypto-related projects. If you have a crypto-related business venture, you might be able to find venture capital here, too.

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Discussion of New Cardano Decentralized Market

Turmeric Indian Cuisine

We will have both discussions and actual crypto trading.

(Please note the meeting time is 15 minutes later than previous meetings.)

There will be an opportunity for discussion of current crypto topics such as the recent decline in crypto prices and the new Cardano decentralized market.

There will also be a continuation of our crypto demonstration market. We will again show how it's possible to easily trade cryptocurrency without a computer or internet connection. We will use this method to explore how markets work in a situation where you can talk to all the other participants in the market to ask them why they are buying, selling, or holding. We have so far seen an enormous run-up in the price of the cryptocurrency we were using for this demo, with the price on January 16th going up 125% in a few minutes and reaching a level that is more than 1,000 times higher than where it started in our first demo on November 14th. The investor psychology involved has been very easy to understand in our demo market. At some point, the price will also probably go down, giving us further insights into exactly how and why that happens in crypto markets and other markets.

After the meeting, there may be opportunities for attendees to directly buy or sell bitcoin with each other as happened after other meetings. Perhaps other cryptos as well.

Our meeting is in a different part of the restaurant than it was prior to 2021. Due to the large number of people wanting to attend our last few meetings, we will be meeting in the first raised area, not the one in the back. This will allow us to have more people, but new COVID restrictions have cut us back to only 18 people even in the larger space.

We are no longer requiring that you use the RSVP system because at the last few meetings, people reserved places they didn't use while others were stuck on the waiting list. This time, if you are put on the waiting list, you can come anyway and there will probably be room for you, but it's not guaranteed. At the last meeting only half those who reserved places actually showed up. One of our members has suggested that we charge a fee to cut down on people reserving spaces and not using them. We're not doing that for now, but please cancel your reservation if you decide not to use it.

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Discussion and Crypto Market Demonstration

Turmeric Indian Cuisine

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