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Club Tread is a hiking club that has been established in Victoria for over 30 years. Our day-hiking and walking events on the South Island run year round. In the winter months we also have snowshoeing and ski trips to Mt. Washington, and cross-country skiing closer to Victoria as weather permits. From April to October you can expect hiking, and cycling events in the Cowichan Valley, the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands along with weekend and multi-day trips further afield. You can become a guest member of Club Tread by joining on this Meetup site. After you have participated in three hikes as a guest member on Meetup, you must become a paid Club Tread member to continue participating on our hikes and events. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME HIKES AND ACTIVITIES MAY BE LIMITED TO PAID UP MEMBERS OF CLUB TREAD. GUEST MEMBERS WHO HAVE ONLY SIGNED UP ON MEETUP ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THOSE ACTIVITIES. To become a fully paid Club Tread member go to our website http://www.clubtread.org and click on "Join VCT"

Please note: After 12 months of event inactivity your name will be removed from the Victoria Club Tread Meetup group automatically.

Victoria Club Tread Day Hike Rating System

The following legend describes the criteria we use for rating our day hikes. We also have developed rating systems for cycle touring and walks. Other activities are not rated. Day hikes are rated using three factors, distance, elevation gain and trail conditions The trail conditions are for when the trail is in good condition, weather and other variable factors are not taken into account.

Rating Description

* 1 Boot: Easy hike. Suitable for most people. Typically: easy climbs (100m), easy grades, short distances, (less than 5 km), good trail conditions, 1 ­ 3 hours hiking.

* 2 Boot: Average hike. Suitable for most hikers. Typically: moderate climbs (up to 400m), moderate grades, moderate distances (up to 10 km), average trail conditions, 2 ­ 5 hours hiking.

* 3 Boot: Intermediate hike. Suitable for fitter hikers. Typically: harder climbs (up to 600m), steeper grades, longer distances (up to 15 km), rugged trail conditions.

* 4 Boot: Strenuous hike. For the more adventurous. May contain: steep, high climbs, long distances, or poor trail conditions.

Upcoming events (5+)

Family Day on Metchosin Trails

Meet at Saanich Municipal Hall -- lower parking lot

Spend the holiday with your Club Tread family! Roughly 10 kms, 3 hrs hiking on a mixture of suburban roads and municipal parks. Bring water, lunch and snacks. Expect snow and wet trails. Optional coffee/tea stop at Broken Paddle if it is open. Sorry, no dogs and must meet at a carpool spot (SMH or close by school) due to small private road trail access point.

Fairfield Fast Walk Each Wednesday at 6:10 pm

Needs a location

• What we'll do Approx 9-11 km on pavement, a little under 2 hours walking at a fast pace. With an optional 40-minute refreshment stop downtown, we'll still get back to the meeting place by 9 pm. Meet at 6:10 pm on MOSS STREET AT THE CORNER OF FAIRFIELD AND OSCAR. We meet on the WEST side of Moss Street, at the park benches between the bike shop and the real estate office. If you have any questions, please call by the previous evening: Judy[masked] or Dorothea[masked] (by Tuesday evening) or message Dorothea. Please be aware that this is a Club Tread event (see our main website www.clubtread.org), and we will have our usual waiver for everyone to sign; this is the standard release that we have all participants sign at Club Tread events. You must supply current emergency contact phone #. You can see a copy of the waiver here http://files.meetup.com/11135232/Event%20liability%20waiver.pdf

Thetis Lake & Seymour Hill

Thetis Lake Main Parking Lot

Meet at the main Thetis Lake parking lot (end of Six Mile Rd) at 9:45 - 9:50AM. This 2-Boot hike starts at 10AM. Seymour Hill and both lakes. The trail up to Seymour Hill Lookout has uneven terrain and some steep sections, and the moss-covered rocks can be slippery. Please wear hiking boots. Poles as necessary. 2 hour hike. Bring water to drink. No dogs. PLEASE SIGN THE WAIVER AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE. This hike often includes `first-timers' so the same general overview takes place each week [e.g. some basic hike guidelines, choosing the week's hike leader and sweep, name introductions and head count … all small stuff, but it takes a few minutes and we aim to start hiking promptly at 10AM, as the regulars expect the hike to end by noon. Inform the Event Leader if you are not climbing up Seymour Hill as we need to update the number of hikers at our final lake stop, “The Rock”. Optional: Meet at Serious Coffee [1701B Old Island Hwy] after the hike. Go down Six Mile Rd, turn right onto Old Island Hwy, turn left at the second traffic light onto Wilfert Road – just past Burger King.

John Dean Circuit with lunch at Pickle Bluff

Meet at Saanich Municipal Hall -- lower parking lot

Using the access through Halden Park on Thomson Place we will use a 10- 11Km track taking up to 4 hours with 500m elevation. Our lunch stop will be at Pickle Bluff. Please meet at SMH with time to complete your sign in and organize transport for prompt 8:30 a.m. departure. Hikes are lead by volunteers who have no special training such as first aid, survival, etc., but have knowledge of the trail through personal reconnaissance. Participants are expected to be competent hikers who accept the risks and hazards associated with an outdoor activity, along with the regular use of rough and steep trails in isolated areas and adverse conditions. If you want to go directly to the TH I will email you the directions. Please make contact through messenger email rather than in Comments below. There is limited parking so car pooling from SMH is helpful. Please leave your dogs safely at home. The travel times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed.

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