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VCT Photo Contest

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Saurabh R.
VCT Photo Contest


This is a rolling event until Nov 30th. Please see the rules of the contest and further instructions. Post your questions in the comments section.



  • Picture must be from a VCT event in the past 3 years (Event date and name required for proof)
  • MAX 2 pictures per participant (can be the same or different category)
  • Winning photos may be posted on the website, if photo has recognizable people in it, they must have given written permission.
  • Pictures must not be digitally enhanced beyond basic touches on exposure, white balance, lens correction, contrast and curves. No multi-exposure, image stitching, panoramas are allowed.
  • Picture must be taken by and submitted by a VCT member in good standing.

Judging criteria: All board members will give points (out of 5) and the picture with the most points in each category wins. A voting member can not judge their own photo.

There will be no cash prize, but a $25 donation/category will be made to the **Nature Conservancy of Canada **on behalf of the each winning photographer.

Winners to be declared at the Christmas Party and online.


By submitting an image electronically, you are stating that you are the owner and copyright holder of the photograph submitted. You also represent and warrant that the photograph is your original work. If your photograph contains identifiable people, you are stating that you have permission from all of the models and have a completed model release form in your possession.

Although photographers retain the copyright to their photographs, by entering them into this contest, they permit unrestricted usage by the VCT without receiving any fee or compensation. This applies to winning and non-winning entries. All entries, once uploaded electronically become the property of the VCT.

Photo of Victoria Club Tread group
Victoria Club Tread
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